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MZD Twitter/facebook codes?

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  • MZD Twitter/facebook codes?

    Hi there, I tend to lurk more than post... but I've been looking for a thread about these code like things that MZD has been putting up on twitter and (I think) facebook as of late. I looked for another thread but couldn't find one (if there is one, I would be most grateful for someone to get me the link), so I apologise if I just missed it or something. Also, I wasn't really sure where to put this post, as I'm not entirely sure what it's exactly linked to right now.

    But there have been four so far:





    All of which were accompanied by a single photo of a pure black square.

    I'm wondering if anyone knows what these are about, or if anyone has any thoughts on them?

    Personally it reminds me of of Leaves obviously, and incidentally the last thing he tweeted before these showed up was a photo of a dark hallway with one light doorway in the wall up ahead. With the caption "As a darkness falls: in the end you will have all the answers and still mystery will be preserved ..."

    I have no idea what these numbers are about right now, but I think it would be worth figuring out.

    Some tweets/posts that seem likely to be connected (or at least I think so) are all the ones with "darkness" in them.
    All the ones I found are below in order of appearance:

    As a darkening nears, perhaps a little perspective . . . [Link to a picture of room with perspective 3D art (I think?).]

    As a darkness nears: ego is the sense of self not the self; forfeiting the ego does not result in a loss of identity.

    As a darkness nears: humanity still veers towards credibility.

    As a darkness nears: a compassionate self does not arise out of agreement but by putting into practice a tolerance of personal differences.

    As a darkness nears: don't seek to read what you've already read which in the name of something else you keep reading over and over again.

    As a darkness nears: many of us in an orchard will marvel at a blue apple but who among us will eat?

    As a darkness gathers: art in the world reveals the art that is the world.

    As a darkness falls: out of (y)our fear she fashions a true prophecy.

    As a darkness falls: "VEM is inevitable."

    As a darkness falls: in the end you will have all the answers and still mystery will be preserved ... [Link to a picture of dark hallway, with a bright door way up ahead.]

    I'm thinking "the darkness" is what maybe what these black squares are about...

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    Thanks for putting these in one place, been meaning to but argh...while I don't have any kind of worthy speculation right now either, it sure is a lot easier to have it all compiled now, than to try to piece it together once whatever it is it relates to comes out.


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      And they all have pictures attached of "darkness". The preceding tweets all have a theme of darkness approaching/falling as well. I haven't read T50YS, but I assumed they were from that, considering his recent press run on the new release. People who have read it, thoughts?


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        i think it is insane that you still haven't read T50YS.

        Other thank that, i don't think the 'darkness' or these tweets are related to it.


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          In my defense, it wasn't really accessible in the U.S. until very recently.


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            Yeah, i get that, although i would argue with your definition of 'very recently'.
            Been a busy 5 months eh?


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              I have a six month old. That would be an understatement.


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                I would definitely agree that they sound more like of Leaves than T50YS. Reading them all together like that got my heart racing. Thanks for the post.


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                  Another code posted yesterday;


                  A blog about the posts MZD has made, guessing what they mean.

                  A woman by the name of Shondra Moon also made a good guess too;

                  Shondra Moon
                  2's complement (because assuming they're hex, don't want negatives) of these numbers are C87BCF, 76FDAF, and FCF986, which are very close to resembling magenta, cyan, and yellow, the true primary colors. Mix magenta, cyan and yellow and you get...

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                    I like the blog. Thanks, Jonesy. Also, he usually hashtags his posts when they are related to one of his books. There are no hashtags or captions on his pictures, which alludes to something new/important, in my opinion. On the other hand, he may just be experiencing the world's longest acid trip and trying to communicate from the floor of his bedroom closet. Nobody ever returns from Burning Man the same.


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                      If the numbers are hex codes for colours, maybe someone should load those pictures into photoshop/gimp etc., and see if using those hexes to change the image (like colour balance or whatever) reveals something. Maybe they are the particular hues of light needed to see images, like the light in the New Years picture drew a hallway, or how the image on the cover of the last Christmas card seemed to be made by scratching into a block of colour. Or maybe he's been employed by a government to become a number station on Twitter. The publishing industry being what it is, even he's got to find a paying gig.
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                        You're welcome! Paradox has a cleaner read... one day I'll fix all that so its a bit more readable.

                        Originally posted by po-m View Post
                        I like the blog.


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                          Another code just went up, along with yet another black square:



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                            Looks like it's time for me to (re)install gimp and give that colour hue theory a test.

                            ALSO: I attempted to match the locations with the origins of famous cat breeds, but I don't think any famous cat breed has come from Iceland?

                            ALSO: I have been staring at this link (thanks again to schinji) and have been searching for a midpoint between the locations. The obvious point, looking at the map, is in the middle of the ocean, but, not forgetting that the world is round, perhaps there's a mid point on the opposite side, which is harder to see at the moment.

                            ALSO: Looking at a "midpoint" from the other side of the globe (not the North Atlantic Ocean,) a mid-point could be found in Sapporo, Japan. According to my girlfriend, they have a very 'special' cat culture. Could this be a link?
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                              And another one... black square also seemingly the same.