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  • The Versal Apex Predator

    So, a little theory. I think the animal stories from the endings are representations of the Versal Apex Predator intervening as it moves backwards towards the Plank epoch. In each instance, we have predator-prey situations, and mostly (roughly, to me) it seems like the predator is about to for some reason be nice, helpful, compassionate, yielding, or what, and then instead it ups and kills the prey animal. I think this happens when the VAP takes hold of the predator animal in the situation.

    So, there are two ways for the VAP to be what its name would have it be. One is for it to be (albeit the only individual sample) of a species that is a predator type in relation to all other species. Now it could also literally be a predator animal towards all animals period, but bear with me for a moment. It seemed strange for the cat to suddenly go eyes-of-fire at the end of TFv5. But I think the VAP is not only a universal predator, but has a special prey uniquely keyed to it. A Versal Apex Prey, then (so let's go with (VAP).1 and (VAP).2). And I think Xanther is the (VAP).2. So just when the cat is about to be nice, helpful, compassionate, yielding, or what, ZAM! "Redwood awakes."