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So about these spammers recently...

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  • So about these spammers recently...

    Should we be paying attention to them? My first impulse was to ignore them and chalk it up to the hands off style of moderation round these parts.

    But it's MZD, so maybe not? Most recently we got an advertisement for professional translation services in the translation thread. Could be a case of deeply targeted advertisement. But, and I'm putting on my hat with extra tinfoil in it here, it would also be a way for MZD to provide "official" translations while maintaining his distance as it were.

    Which makes me wonder about the first round of spam. Because its, amusing? Interesting? Odd? That a group of information specialists specializing in the creation and dissemination of falsified documents, would spam this forum. What with that kind of thing being a huge part of everything MZD outputs.

    Of course i could be wrong. I looked up what I could about the fake passport people when they first showed up and couldn't find jack.
    However with TF on pause MZD might have time on his hands to sprinkle a little more ARG into TF(which is the kind of thing that might help shore up the fanbase and build up support for the series continuation.) Something he's already done a little of so far.

    So any thoughts? Am I wasting brain power on a silly thought?

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    Man! I missed the spammers, Hazel and crew must have (is that in blue?). Or maybe I am just missing them?

    If it was part ARG I would think that the post would have been left up for future selves to toil over.

    Anyway it's good to hear your still Quite Baffled!!