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  • Cat [Photo] Call for THE FAMILIAR (VOLUME 5): REDWOOD

    Calling all kitties for the Season One Finale!

    We are now accepting photo submissions for the TFv5 cat collage. You have between today and March 15, 2017, to submit a photo of your whiskery friend!

    If your photos from previous submissions didn't make it in the first four volumes, feel free to submit again. Only submissions received between February 22, 2017 and March 15, 2017 (using the form below) will be considered.

    Here's what you need to do to submit this time around:

    1 - Scan the photo if you don’t have it digitally.

    Write something on the back of the photo. You may include the cat's name, your name, a date and a short phrase (though keep in mind that we may exclude the photo depending on the phrase).

    If the photo is digital, you may create a handwritten digital back side or write something on a similarly sized piece of paper. We do need both the front and the back for the submission to be complete. Handwriting is key. And the photo should feature the cat only.

    Please make sure each image is at least 1-2 MB in size but no larger than 5 MB (JPG, TIF and PDF formats accepted). If possible, please save the image as CMYK at 400 dpi.

    2 - Please print, fill out, sign and scan BOTH pages of the attached (PDF) agreement and send it along with your photo so we will have permission to use it. (If you cannot download the PDF, please scroll down the page for JPG versions.)

    3 - Name each of your files as follows—using your cat's name and your name:


    If you are submitting more than one photo, add a number at the end of the cat's name (Catname1, Catname2, etc.)

    4 - E-mail the photos to:

    as a .zip (or just attach them to an e-mail if you don't know how to do so).

    Deadline: March 15, 2017, at 11:59 p.m. Pacific time

    Entries must include fronts and backs of photos (see above) as well as both signed pages of the contract in order to be considered.

    Note: Since these collages are all about the cats and not MZD, we don’t include any photos that also include his books or other references to of Leaves or The , but please feel free to post those online, as we love to see them!

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    And here are the JPG versions for those who can't download the PDF: