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The Familiar vs Sophie's World

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  • The Familiar vs Sophie's World

    One thing I've been focusing on so far is to connect the previews and animals with the main story. They can't be accidental.

    First hint for me was PETCH from v2. It sounded a lot like that device got self aware, true AI like the Bicentennial Man movie. In that movie, a particular batch of robots became self aware. They were all destroyed except for one, the main character. Something similar has happened with the PETCH device, I believe. VEM is even more explicit at times. In v4 the preview rather unambiguously states that VEM is a way to repeat history indefinitely.

    Second hint was the realization that the animals could be considered avatars in Paradise Open.

    The book starts and ends with AI. so why not the story proper.

    In this interpretation, the Orbs function as a way to be Neo, to see the program from the outside, to access the "real world". Scrying is implied to be technological rather than magical and this seems to make sense.

    Lastly, the previews set in the stone age are told by Narcons. The implication is that narcons are humans from the outside world who gained VEM, probably even from a previous cycle.

    Lots of maybes, implications and probablys but this is my current headcanon. I arrived here after finishing v3 and v4 has made me believe it even more.

    The comparison with Sophie's World is straightforward. Are we all VEM?

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    My theory is that VEM is Roko's Basilisk. We know that VEM can manipulate time, so they created the Versal Apex Predator to easily eliminate anyone that does not aid in the creation and/or act as a catalyst to the creation. All of The could be that story, told from a set point in time that overlaps itself through VEM, leading to the creation of VEM.