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  • Artifact #1 and 2

    So one cool aspect of the eBooks of the is that the collages are given titles. In TF1 the first collage is titled "Artifact #1" (also each non-textual section is called an Entr'Acte). Also in TF2 the collage is titled "Artifact #2". I find this terminology interesting as it seems to be digital detritus that is collated and interpolated within the "verse" that the narcons are generating. And one interesting tie between Artifact 1 and 2 is they both contain math equations. Now I'm not really conversant in high level math but I've seen a few math videos and one thing I noticed right away was the math equations on the notecards in Artifact #1 look like equations used for the Reimann Zeta function (however I could not find the exact source they are almost certainly from the Euler Product or Reimann Zeta Function). And low and behold the equations in Artifact #2 also have to do with convergent series and the Reimann Hypothesis. the Wikipedia page for the Reimann Hypothesis contains all the equations that are in Artifact #2 (which makes you think: are the Narcons pulling information from Wikipedia? there are numerous places in TF where things are listed exactly how they are on the Wikipedia page - or maybe its lazy research, although I doubt this). The equations from Artifact #2 are taken from the section on "Growth of Arithmetic Functions" from the Reimann Hypothesis Wikipedia page. There are some other interesting ideas built in this regarding convergent and divergent series which I don't feel qualified to explain and if you guys want to learn more about the Reimann Hypothesis and it's importance to number theory and math the Youtube channel Numberphile has a couple great videos explaining exactly what it is. And one other note of interest is the Convergent and Divergent series is the basis for the awesome fractal videos you can find - basically the shape is determined by whether the output of an equation is Convergent or divergent (again Numberphile has great videos on this).

    Lastly, and non-math related, Artifact #1 contains tiny balloons which are tied and packaged exactly like heroin balloons that are sold as part of the "balloon parade" (and the blue pills also look quite illicit). The heroin balloons are both pale blue AND dark blue, which is interested as I don't remember a reference to dark blue balloons.

    Anyway these Artifacts are packed with cool thematically resonant allusions, and I was thrown for quite a loop when Artifact #3 was glass bottled viewed from below. What does that mean!?

    Hope this has been illuminating!

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    You have a lot of great stuff here, I will need to do some research before I have much to say though.

    Thank you for the thing about wikipedia! I have thought it a few times as have been perusing various research avenues. I thought I was just being insane.


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      I know its borderline off topic but...
      In that thread some clever people noticed that Clip4 seems to be a collaboration and is a bit "wider" then I had thought it was(I am almost literally kicking myself for not seeing these comments before now(or worse yet for seeing and reading them but failing to comprehend them)).
      And then I think of all the talk from MZD about learning so much from the various processes that come from collaboration.
      And now I am wondering how much of The (or whatever MZD's larger story is.) ,is actually out there in the wild, and just how much of it I have read.