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  • Only Revolutions refrences

    "Baby we were made for wheels. What that creep will never get."Pg.716;TFv3

    A nod to the ever enigmatic Creep. Or maybe more then a nod, could Recluse be the Creep? His power over and access to VEM systems makes this a tantalizing possibility.
    VEM as Them, Recluse as The Creep...could be.

    Also I wonder if the reason Hailey's sidebar is empty for the end half or so of her narrative,(beyond MZD not being able to see the future.) was because she had gone beyond the boundaries of VEM. Though in that case How did VEM make the recordings that form OR? Well I seem to recall Hailey being pregnant at the end, maybe she managed to preserve the aegis of her identity through progeny.

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    I made note of this elsewhere, but both of Luther's cars appear in OR.


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      TFv4 gives us two more references that I caught.
      First Cas and Bobby are just flat out called Sam&Haiely, and S&H and Cas and Bobby both spent 81 traveling on an Impala motorbike.


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        How about some of the colors seen during xanthers's "seizure" during hades ballet. They looked an awful lot like creep purple and Sam and Hailey green and gold. Thoughts?

        Also in OR Sam "scatters tiny storms" it seems xanther collects them into larger ones (see clip 6)