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    So in GK mythology Phinneas is a King of Thrace and a famous seer (or oracle). In the his is the suicidal sinistral older brother to Kle. Lets see how this plays out:

    EDIT: F4.528: so this is probably the biggest clue if not confirmation that Phineas had been reading (or sensing) MZD's works. His suggestion for the name of the cat: Redword. This is followed up by us learning that he was in a bad way "Supposedly something about a book. Something about myth. Stalking the herd. Slaughtering reason." Which is the exact language from HoL when Zampano mentions Redwood. This Phinneas seems like he will be important in later volumes maybe "orbless revelation" as QuiteBaffled mentions beloe

    F2.227: “:Kle by way of his brother Phinneas: How while in the process of seeing, the seer somehow becomes aware of the eye itself and how imperfect it is. How like the lenses of her (Xanther) glasses, which usually suffer some indignity, like smudges or, worse, scratches, eyes too have all this stuff on it, in it?”


    F2.570: “Short Span, #8 leaps to when life spans surpass hundreds of millions of years and finally reach forever…That’s the punch line “We did it!”, in quotes, like it’s said by your every-day living forever person, then second, in italics, like it’s that all-knowing voice, what Xanther sometimes fantasizes about, or is it who she fantasizes about? …and yet so beyond the story too, beyond forever even, forget Kle’s birdy heaven, crying: Yes they did it! They built themselves hell!...It turns out Kle was just rendering what his older brother, Phinneas, had been rambling on about of late.”

    Compare above to F3.Alpha Omega .

    And (though not explicitly attributed to him):

    F1.350: “What he calls his Enlightenment Series. This one is called Brain Mites, #9. The idea was that these tiny mites collect in dormant parts of the brain where they feast on synapses. Only brain activity, which Kle draws as wild electrical storms, wipes out the mites. Stranger kinds of imaginings are required to reach the deeper folds of the cortex. ‘Onlt thinking saves the mind from these thoughtless creatures” (could this be a vision of synsnap, or technology that allows us to “fill the skies with life”)

    Also F1.190 where we learn Phinneas is afraid of dolphins as if you see three in the waves that means there’s really 9, and if you see 9, 27. Also we learn he has tried to commit suicide twice. And its pointed out he’s left-handed like Xanther.

    Lastly, we have F3.532 Where Kle has a T-shirt on reading “DECENCY BESTS PROPHECY” on the day his brother Phinneas is taken to some “doctors appointments”.
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    hmmm, the phrase "Orbless revelation" comes to mind.


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      One other Phinneas mention I thought I'd add for completeness sake:

      F1.377: "Mefisto is always thinking...that ..thinking upon thinking must lead to a failure to think altogether <isn't that what happened to the <<savant>> brother of Xanther's friend Farrokh<<aka Kle>>? <<Anwar keeps forgetting (meaning) to ask Xanther about Phinneas>> >} what happens sometimes to the brilliant ones"

      So not too terribly illuminating but maybe a hint as to why Phinneas has oracular abilities