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    You see their name at the beginning of every volume of TF.

    You may have like me thought it was simply the arm of Pantheon responsible for publishing TF. This is not the case.
    In that case who are they?
    Well they could be The Editors of HOL. Over in the HOL forum user Arale noticed something very interesting. Look to Pg.513 of HOL and there you will see just underneath "With introduction and notes by Johnny Truant" and just above "First Edition" are the words "Circle Round A Stone Publication".

    Awesome right?
    So what to do with this? what questions does this let us ask?
    that is the purpose of this thread. Just a place for people to discuss CRAS(CRASP?(Grasp?))

    And just to get the ball rolling and to provide a (surely sub-par) example, consider audiences and cosplay.
    CRAS is making this for an intended audience and Its worth asking whether, within the context of this fictional Verse, we are that intended audience. Or if that role belongs to someone else. It certainly seems designed for mass consumption, and yet there is much unintentionally and intentionally left out, obscured and hidden, Why?
    Maybe this audience consists, at least in part, of the young girls cosplaying Xanther. Stuffed cats on their shoulders and everything. How else would they know of Xanther, the cat and that Astair was her mother.
    Or maybe you have a different opinion?