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Two questions about Cas

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  • Two questions about Cas

    1. The Orb as Cas' ?

    Okay, so in most of the characters' stories, there comes a point where they hear what turns out to be the distress call of a cat trapped in a storm drain. Each person usually reacts the same way, looking for the source of the sound and eventually abandoning the search. However, Cas specifically says this isn't the first time she's heard it, or something like it. After the cat's cry comes and goes, it is revealed on page 151: "Something had once come to her in the same way years ago." On April 15, 1958 at 11:11:11, Cas received the first of what I assume are telepathic transmissions describing how to make an Orb, which she scribbled down in crayon. Is there anything significant about that date and time, and its possible connection to the current phenomena of Xanther's ?

    2. Joel

    What can we hypothesize from the fact that Cas and Bobby live in a mobile home that contains a scanning electron microscope (made by JEOL)? I took their story about meteorite fragments to be mostly a fabrication to get rid of the cops snooping around, but is it ever actually mentioned what they use "Joel" for?