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Visual timeline of TFv1 (rough draft; need your feedback!)

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  • Visual timeline of TFv1 (rough draft; need your feedback!)

    Hi, friends!

    I don't know if you guys are in the same boat, but I'm absolutely loving The and the level of research and analysis it invites. I've had some free time in which to map out our favorite Rainy Day in May on a horizontal timeline. Here is the result (sorry for the size; can't seem to upload it to the forum in full resolution):

    TFv1 Timeline.jpg

    What do you think? My goal is to expand this into a much larger (and more extive) infographic. I'm hoping you guys can give me your own input as I expand this little project! Here are some of my own questions and ideas so far:

    - Should the timeline extend from midnight to midnight (instead of 8am to midnight)? This might provide better visual context.
    - What sort of details would be worth including; i.e. chapter #'s (overall or by character), adjusted time zones, etc.?
    - Would a key be helpful, or are we all enough with these colors?
    - How can I incorporate the characters' secondary colors into the design?
    - Should the Narcon's section (the arrow) be represented, or is it irrelevant since it exists 'outside' of time, so to speak?
    - I'm thinking of including a simple map to show each character's rough location (using colored pins/dots), which would prove especially useful if characters like Isandòrno & the Wizard move over time.
    - Another cool idea: juxtapose this chart vertically with one based on # of pages, so that we can see the relative 'density' of each character's style, as well as individual chapters.
    - I have no clue how to deal with the two short interruptions (parcel thoughts & comic). I've left them empty for now.
    - I'd also love to incorporate the characters' unique fonts if possible. Thoughts?

    I'm excited to hear your feedback! Please don't feel the need to answer any of the above questions; I'm also looking for your personal ideas, criticisms, and observations.
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    I love this! The idea to juxtapose the chart with one based on number of pages is, I think, freaking brilliant. As for the secondary colors... hmm... that's going to weigh on my brain now. Well done!


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      Great! I think the timeline should start at 8, like the novel. I'd put a key with colour-character-font... No narcons I think, the arrow could be enough.
      I didn't realize Anwar's last chapter was so long, though it's obvious with its number of events. (They do have to go back home too...)
      About the map, it would be great too. I wonder if someone from LA could roughly follow Xanther's movements too, I'm not sure if they are obvious though...


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        Like it too.
        Reminds me somethinh I can't figure out ( spoiler poster ?)
        Anyway, lot of green (see reader's guide )


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          This is wonderful! Maybe the Narcon section should be its own little bubble which deviates from the timeline. Maybe it could be presented above the timeline. I like the idea of a key :)


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            Nice timeline! I was thinking of making one in the same way myself, but no need for that now
            I think it should be from midnight to midnight, since it might fit better with the upcoming volumes perhaps.