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  • What's in a number?

    It's been said that The is going to have to have a certain level of readership in order to keep moving forward. I wonder if Pantheon gave MZD a hard number on this or if its kind of up in the air. Talk about a bit on the stressful side...

    Right now its hard to talk up the plot (at least for me it is), I'm hoping we'll have more to work with once we get a few volumes in and we can start spreading the word more.

    I was thinking it might be useful to do character and/or chapter plot synopsis threads. Which will come in handy when new volumes come out.

    One thing I am a bit concerned with, which I think will be somewhat detrimental to us this time around, is how we handle people asking questions. It made sense to tell people to use the search on the forums for of Leaves stuff. of Leaves was a lot about personal exploration. With The though, its going to be to our benefit ( keeping the readership up ) if we give more direct help. To use the translations as an example, when asked about them it might be better if we refer them to the translations thread rather than a database, or maybe better yet, refer them to both. Something along the lines of, "If you want to search for yourself, here's how you can do it, or we've been cataloging a lot of them here."

    We're definitely going to need to love some bees on this one.
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    I hope the sale numbers are allright!
    As for the plot summary, I think it could be very useful in some volumes' time. I mean, I know I won't remember all of the plot by volume #10 and I cannot read 'em all again each time... As much as I love the first one! We could divide characters so that it's not just one person that has to do the work..


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      The very problem has weighed on my mind. 27 volumes! It is not too much to fathom from the reader, or even from the writer's perspective, but a bit much to expect from a publisher, unless it appears profitable of course. I think the trouble will be, not with this volume, it seems to be causing a reasonable enough stir, but say in 4 or 5 volumes, when the novelty may or may not be wearing thin. Whatever number of us are reading the series now, will that number grow or dwindle? I, myself, have been kind of pushing the novel on people, friends and family. It would be quite painful to be somehow denied the continuation of this project.


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        Is there a way to know how the sales are going up to now?
        I found it is "#3,063 IN ALL BOOKS" at, but I don't know if it's good or bad. of Leaves is #615...