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    HOLY WOW, does TF1 look good on a tablet (Kindle HDX for me). I love it so much. The colors are so vibrant and it's so smooth and easy to read. As far as I can tell, it's nearly 900 image/jpg files at high resolution, which means the text isn't selectable, and when you zoom in, the you see the pixels, much like a paper book. It's also much lighter than a paper book. ;-)

    I will link a picture tonight (don't click if you want to surprised):


    However, it's close to unreadable on a 6 inch e-Ink device - because each page is an image, compare a normal text-based ebook:

    The text doesn't get bigger or reflow. But you can zoom in on the picture of the text - it's just very slow. Also to my eyes, the TF text is fuzzy.
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    I have the google play version and the normal, vertical text is selectable on PC. You can't copy it of course, but you can google search it, or search it in the book or have a definition on double-click. Very helpful.


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      Google play version:

      This version is very cool. You can search google with it, then copy the text from the search bar of google... lol

      Also, it must be some sort of automated/embedded OCR - it let me select the crumbs and search google with them... a few of the crumbs were converted to: "3. D-1 > *". ~."

      WOW. The translation feature is great: Capture.PNG

      I like this more than the Kindle version, which is just scanned pages. Humph. Maybe for TF2, we'll see.
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        Is it the Google play version too, Ellimist ?


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          That's a cool feature. Alas, it couldn't translate the Arabic, Chinese, or the Greek I tried it on.


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            Damned Mac iThings!
            Should have bought a Kindle fire...


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              Yes, sorry, that was me playing with the Google Play version of the book.


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                Originally posted by g@rp View Post
                Damned Mac iThings!
                Should have bought a Kindle fire...
                The Kindle fire version is scanned pages only. Tonight, I'm gonna see if I can load Google Play on my kindle fire - not sure it's possible.


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                  I bought the Google Play version and like that you can lock in portrait mode and rotate the pages. It is significantly lighter than the print version on my phone or tablet.

                  I haven't figured out how to highlight text like Ellimist showed above.

                  See some of you next week!


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                    I should have mentioned I was doing all of the above in a preview of the book in a web browser.

                    Lighter overall or lighter background? The pages in the paper book and the ebook are beige (with one particular set of pages excepted).


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                      FYI Google play version (preview of the book) isn't compatible with the Ellimist's experiment
                      Tested In:
                      - Mac OSX, Firefox 37...
                      - IOS 8.3, Safari mobile and even in Google "Play Livres"

                      Next steps :
                      - what about android ?
                      - what about windows 8.1 via Bootcamp ?
                      Stay tuned. ^^


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                        Breaking News : The Ellimist's Experiment works fine with Google Play version under Windows 8.1 and Firefox!

                        Next step : same experiment with an android phone.

                        Stay tuned.


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                          I was using Chrome and Win 8.1. It's CSS and Javascript.


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                            Last experiment with a android smartphone :
                            - same result as with an iPhone or a kindle fire, even with chrome or Google Play Books.

                            #end of experiment - thanks again, Ellimist :)


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                              Latest news:

                              - Google Play Books version fully works now (search function, translation, etc) on Mac OSX 10.10.3 and Firefox 38.0.1 (Woooopi !)