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  • Redwood

    For compiled information and observations about or relating to "Redwood", our earliest clue.

    P. 638 - the O's in Redwood are in a different font. Perfect circles.

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    The HQ for Ampex? Redwood city.


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        Can someone post or provide a link to all previous Redwood references?


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          Here it is mentioned,
          Here and Here are threads on it.


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            The links are broken, man. And forget relinking them. We tried.


            Anyhow, Redwood is a story that Danielewski wrote to his dying father. Father didn't liked it, Mark tore it up and throw it in a trash can. His sister Annie aka POE picked it up, taped it and give it back to Mark. That was the first inspiration for of Leaves (his sister's act, not the text itself, reportedly). It is mentioned in 335-337 (Myth is Redwood) and 547 (The cats have been dying and everyone wonders why. I can hear my neighbors murmur. They murmur all the time: "It's strange. Some cats die, some just disappear. No one knows why ..." Redwood. I saw him once a long time ago when I was young. I ran away and luckily, or no luck at all, he did not follow me. But now I cannot run and anyway I am certain this time he would follow.)

            As for the "original" Redwood, he says in the interview: "It’s about a creature that’s as much a creature as it’s not a creature." and "it’s about a tiger. A white tiger. With lush stripes of ash." and "it’s a reinvention of something I wrote five years earlier... Where Tigers Dance...It’s nothing like Redwood except that it also shares a fascination with tigers."

            I have a feeling that shredding to pieces and stitching back together may have been an inspiration for T50YS.

            He mentioned Redwood will be a character in The .


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              Well, I think I may have found Redwood, guys. This is what I wrote on reddit yesterday:

              I think Redwood is also Mr. Duder, the name for the "wild beast" that seizes Xanther when she has seizures. See page 254. She calls him "Mister Woder Do" - Woder Do is anagram of Redwood.

              And few lines later it is even clearer: "Door? Wed?" Read it backwards is says Dew Rood, switch few letters and you get Redwood.

              Redwood backwards is Doowder, say it out loud and voilà: Mr. Duder, everybody. (kinda reminds me of Redrum from Shining).

              I also think that the fact that you can find Dov in there - albeit only as Dow - is not a coincidence either (and what about Woder Do, doesn't it shares some resemblance for the german "Vater" = Father? Father Dov?).

              Some further speculating: X. came up with the name Duder when she was seven. X. is 12 and Virgo (pg. 54), so she will turn 13 somewhere in September 1-22 2014 (pg. 255). According to my calculations, she was born in September 1-22 2001 (hmm, that date...). She was seven in 2008. What else happened in 2008? See page 654! She was in Athens (California, I presume) in summer, on the beach I presume, and Cas sees this moment years later, in 2014 (pg. 652), in the Orb. Clip #6. So what happened?

              I think little Xanther sensed that something or someone was looking at her (like she can sense Narcons) and she saw the name Redwood (maybe she saw the redw00d box mentioned on page 638?), it got stuck in her head, but since she is "a pretty crappy reader" and "her head is a fog" (pg 53), she got the letters all wrong, like Ozgur reading VEM as MEW, and few weeks (months?) later, at age seven, she comes up with Mr. Duder.


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                Great! I like this possibility... But how does that fit with the Redwood in of Leaves?

                So let's say the Clips are what Cas sees in the Orb, right? There's:
                Clip #1 - ??? (page 633)
                Clip #5 - Cas would have seen the short story
                Clip #6 - Xanther in Athens.

                Then there's page 632 about the Preview on page 35, and on page 653 "Whould she find another dead child?" may be a hint to Tom's Crossing?

                I need to read some of that reddit. I'm not with it, is Reddit always that intelligent?


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                  For the connection to HoL, you should read the original post I was reacting to. That mindpirate fellow shares some interesting (and wild) theory:

                  1.Zampano had an orb, this is how a blind man could see. 2.Redwood Killed Zampano to get his orb after Zampano used it to see him. 3. Jhonny truant is real, his inablity to find any of the works refranced in the Navidson document as well as the films themselves is a result of the same manipulations that eradicated or suppressed whatever information Cas and Bobbie tried to release.


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                    You folks are making it difficult to concentrate on work. Just saying. :)

                    To further the Woder Do father connetion a bit, when I first read it it made me think of Woden.


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                      Some Redwood anagrams (if they haven't already all been posted):

                      Woder Do -> Redwood
                      Door? Wed? -> Redwood
                      Do Or Wed -> Redwood
                      Duder-> Doowder-> Redwood (backwards)
                      Om Reworded -> Mr Redwood,
                      Ow Tremors Died -> Mister Redwood.
                      (TFv3 p.681) Word Ode -> Redwood

                      (Oh, and Jim Morrison-> Mr Mojo Risin)

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                        So here is something I have been wrestling with ever since halfway through my first reading of of leaves. A question I have yet to come to a satisfactory answer for.
                        Is Redwood the Minotaur?