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"Crumbs" in the centre margin

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  • "Crumbs" in the centre margin

    Still early on, but I can't help but think of those drawings that, looking at them straight on (shout out to heart), they look like nonsense, but if you look at them with your eye at the bottom corner of the page, it is actually a drawing of Jimi Hendrix or something crazy. Anyone else seen these?
    Maybe they make more sense later on?

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    It's definitely hard to say... they appear or not appear based on some unknown rule (orb), and if they are depicting something, even a code, it may be difficult because they aren't always fully printed for me - right on the edge of the margin, so in some places, some of them aren't full triangles - just cut off.
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      Mine aren't always fully printed as well it looks like. We might have to save these until we have the actual release.


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        The same crumbs seem to persist throughout any given chapter, in the same place page to page. Not sure what we can do with them/what can even be done with them.


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          I've noticed there are some repeated shapes. It could be as easy as a single substitution code. If that's the case all we would need to do is apply a frequency analysis to the different shapes. As long as he didn't Perec us, it should be pretty straight forward. The harder part will be getting the crumbs out of the cracks.


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            It appears to be a code, for sure. I just wonder who is going to commit librocide to get at it. And yes, I assume due to being an ARC, many passages are cut off.


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              Or they could just be meaningless patterns. I'm betting on code, too, but... it really might just be generated/drawn without hidden meaning.

              Behavior of crumbs (some of these might be redundant or wrong):

              1. Anwar's chapters - mirrored across the vertical, no rotation. Some chapters have crumbs on left/right pages rotated by 180 degrees w.r.t. each other. Some chapters are rotated 180 degrees and mirrored. - further clarification forthcoming.

              2. Crumbs don't exist inside orbs.

              3. Crumbs only exist alongside text (even hidden returns between text)

              4. The crumbs on the left side won't match the right side if it's the end of a chapter or specially truncated text, because the text on the page ends per behavior #3.

              5. The two page spread set of crumbs is the set used for the whole chapter.

              6. In some chapters (at least one), each two page spread has a different shade (maybe color) of crumbs - alternates through the chapter. e.g. p. 102-103, and p. 104-105

              7. Crumbs don't exist near ellipses ...

              8. Crumbs don't exist in Narcon-only pages.
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                My first thought was "tiger stripes", my second thought was "IT'S A CODE! RIP IT TO PISCES!", and after a few Percocet, I think maybe they resemble synapses firing.


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                  I just had an idea: are the crumbs some sort of indication of the Narcons processing the text?


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                    [ATTACH=CONFIG]n157324[/ATTACH] Alright, friends. I scanned my escapee page. Unfortunately no others have fallen out yet. I did hold it up to the page before it, and they don't look like repeat shapes on rotation to me. Still hard to say yet.
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                      I agree it may be the Narcons processing and leaving something behind, but then why the "Preview" pages do not have the crumbs? The Prehistoric Boy-Girl pages are Narcon only but they don't have them, nor the section (563-578) of the book bracketed with huge | |.
                      Also, they're not in the heavily designed pages like 62-65 nor (yet?) in the vol.2 preview.
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                        Computer generated 3D scenery and models are often made with meshes made of 2D polygons, especially triangles and 4-sided polygons.

                        The Paradise is Open video game made me think of this. The crumbs look like opened up meshes.

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                          Originally posted by TBHalo View Post
                          of the book bracketed with huge | |.
                          And these huge II reminds me the pause symbol.

                          As in... OR

                          Anyway, I'm gonna read the galley received today.

                          La suite sous peu


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                            I like all of these ideas but the thing that struck me, and it relates to your synapse firing thought po-m, was that perhaps it was the type of electrical storm that was thundering in Xanther's mind. Perhaps if/when these crumbs/crackles/codes start to break from the central valley of the book, maybe spreading across the page, it could signal the onset of a seizure.


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                              I was wondering that too.
                              And maybe this can be related to epilepsy which has something to do with electrical storm (or kinda storm) in the brain.