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    Here is the text of the article, so people don't come here making threads just to ask what it is:

    The Most Wondrous Book Of All

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    Thanks, Ell.


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      There are only a couple of threads dealing with this, as far as I can tell:

      A wondrous book...?
      Can Anyone Help?

      When you get a minute, perhaps you could move them over here, nikhsub1? Ta.
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        You may be interested to know that copies of Book Forum (Winter 2000) containing the Riddle are still available. I got a copy a week ago, and while reading the rest of the issue noticed a few strange ‘co-incidences’.

        Firstly – the book from which the MC Escher drawing at the end of the piece is taken is advertised separately on page 19.

        In an interview with William T. Vollman, he is described as ‘a hero to younger, experimental writers like Mark Z. Danielewski’. In this John B. failed to elicit any response

        And finally, ‘The Wrong Idea’, a longish piece on the negative impact that Derrida, and a rather narrow (mis-)interpretation of his ideas, has had on literary theory.

        Are these just co-incidences, or the linkages and significances that we have come to expect from anything to do with MZD?
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          Originally posted by Cacullus
          You may be interested to know...
          Or then again, maybe not.


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            definitely maybe


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              The Winter 2000 back issue is available from BookForum, $6 plus $1.50 postage (US).
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                I can't find a back order section on the BookForum site.

                Thanks for the heads up, though.


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                  Send them an e-mail ([email protected]) about it, they'll return with an address for checks and a fax or phone # for CC orders, or you could prob. send the number over an e-mail. For obvious security reasons, I sent a check.


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                    Well, I finally got around to doing that a week or so ago, and it showed up today.

                    Here's a picture of the page, if anyone is interested.


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                      Originally posted by Ellimist
                      Here is the text of the article, so people don't come here making threads just to ask what it is:

                      The Most Wondrous Book Of All
                      This may be me being somewhat of an, umm, killjoy, but am I the only person here who didn't rate that story? Also, out of interest, am I the only one here who has only read Of Leaves the once?

                      Just finished Burrough's Naked Lunch. There's a helluva feast if you have the nerve...


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                        This post serves no purpose other than to remove BM3K from the main Out of the Way page.


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                          I finally found a copy!