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    Ok, this is may seem a little bit misleading, but my heart is in the right place.

    We have members photos, so lets get a VIDEOS thread up here.

    I shall be submitting

    It's me and my band - you get to see me rocking it up, and being generally awesome.

    Lets get vids of other people being awesome, or showing things they've made!

    Or, let this thread dwindle into obscurity, until I have to bump it back to the top, either's good

    EDIT: Heh, just realised 'Members Videos!' could suggest a very different thread indeed...

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    I can post a video, a couple years old now, of me speaking chinese on tv if you're interested.


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      I'm fairly sure you deliberately made this thread for devious purposes, Shanksie.


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        Oh, it started as such, have no fear (wait, define DEVIOUS) but then I though I might be cool to 'see' people, or the work they'd done.

        Go for it Jones!


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          I have a video of me playing an accordion in Estes Park, Colorado.

          No, I don't know how to play an accordion.

          I also have a video taken out the window of a car on New Year's Eve, on the way home from a Japanese restaurant, where you can hear me and a friend drunkenly singing Dire Straits' "Rollergirl" in a fake Yugoslavian accent from the back seat.

          Then there's the weird stuff.


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            Well stop teasing us and SHOW us!


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              Originally posted by Admiral_Shanks View Post
              Well stop teasing us and SHOW us!
              OK, here's the drunken New Year's video. Seems to be a large file for such a crappy video.

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                This is swiftly becoming a scary blackmail thread.


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                  Originally posted by modiFIed View Post
                  OK, here's the drunken New Year's video. Seems to be a large file for such a crappy video.

                  That was even more entertaining than i thought it would be - and it initially sounded pretty sweet.


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                    I maked a video:


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                      Originally posted by fatwoul View Post
                      I would not wear the watch.


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                        Indeed. My father, however, wore it for 4 years during secondary school. Some might say this explains things.


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                          I maked another video. Actually, I maked a tesla coil, too:


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                            Wow....I wish I knew how to do things.