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  • Does anything interesting...

    Ever happen around here anymore?!

    I remember when it was late night parties, phone sex, lots of weed and CRAZY SHENANIGANS EVERY NIGHT.

    ...Only some of those things actually happened

    I am learning how to shoot and use guns now. I can already use a Chainsaw, drive a Tractor, and kick the crap out of ALL KINDS OF COUNTRY SHIT.

    So whats new with you?


  • #2
    All of those things happened with Fatwoul, didn't they?


    • #3
      ...And to answer your question, no. :)


      • #4
        Hot stuff! (you, not Fatwoul).

        Heh, he WISHES.

        How, the FUCK, have you been Miss P? Cause, you know, we NEVER talk on Facebook...


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          Actually, we DON'T ever talk on facebook anymore because SOMEONE can't return a simple message.
          Erm--I've been okay. Joblessness is beginning to make me crazy, but otherwise I'm doing well. I've been forced to have phone sex and smoke weed with Fatwoul since you've been gone. He calls me "Admiral" and doesn't let me talk. I think he misses you.


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            Awww. That wouldn't surprise me. We were pretty close.

            And I messaged you JUST NOW actually.

            Man, we really shouldn't air our dirty laundry here

            Didn't you JUST get a job? Oh, wait, the Interview you had didn't give it to you? Losers. Flash em some lips.

            Anyway, now I'm back (for a limited time as usual) LET THE PHONE SEX COMMENCE...


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              I don't think Fats is around anymore, so you're out of luck on the phone sex front...for now. Sometimes Modi gets liquored up and can be a little loose.
              Nope, they gave it to someone else. Second place in an interview process doesn't feel as good as second place in the Olympics. BUT a job did just open up back on my home turf, so maybe that will be my silver lining. How are YOU???


              • #8
                I am SUPER good.

                Well, kinda. Yeah, mostly. Back at school, trying to study instead of playing Star War: Old Republic.

                Sucks about the job - they must have been r-tards.

                I hope it IS your silver lining.... hehe...I meant that in a dirty way, could you tell?

                IT'S GOOD TO BE BACK.


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                  I have no clue how "silver lining" was supposed to be dirty, but leave it to Shanks to try. Good to have you back, stranger.


                  • #10
                    Likewise! Though, you didnt really go anywhere. Its like the good old days, just better, cause its just us


                    • #11
                      I need an adult.


                      • #12
                        HELLS YES! NOW its getting sexy!


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                          Ah, Shanks, good to see you.

                          I named a character in something i'm writing after you.

                          You're welcome.


                          • #14
                            What?! If anyone deserves a name credit, it's your good friend and personal hero, Po!


                            • #15
                              I'm genuinely surprised this was interpreted in a positive way, i was expecting fully to have that post go down badly.

                              But don't worry Po, you'll always be my personal hero, ever since you came along in your TARDIS and showed me the stars.