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  • Not played any games for a long time. Except the endless game that is "will the weather stay like this?".

    I'm finally going to update my computer. Last time I did that was...2005, I think. Back then it was shit-off-a-shovel fast. Now it's just shit-on-a-shovel not moving at all. Problem is everything has changed in the last six years. I think I want either an AMD Phenom II 3.2Ghz Six Core, or an Intel I-7 2600 3.4Ghz. Which do I want?


    • Originally posted by 1exist View Post
      Is released/ unlocked tonight
      Anyone played Alyx?


      • Alyx is freaking good. I was only able to play the first few chapters, as my brother let me play on his VR setup but it didn't work out for the whole thing. I played enough to get a good sense of how it all works, and I watched a playthrough of the rest of it. It is beautiful, its soundtrack has some good grooves on it, the world is so good to get lost in. It's.. it's freaking Half-Life! It hits the spot like only Half-Life can, and it fills a hole in our hearts.

        I recommend, if anyone doesn't have access to a VR (which is understandable) but is still interested in the game, finding a video playthrough that works for you and watching it. Valve knew there'd be a whole audience of people who could only experience the game vicariously, and so they did put effort into making the game something of a spectator experience. (The playthrough I watched was Jacksepticeye's, and it was more than satisfactory.)