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  • Mouse

    I've got a mouse.

    He moved into the kitchen some time ago, and I didn't mind him being there. This week the weather got cold, and he decided to move upstairs. Last night I was watching TV and he appeared on a shelf below the television, watched it for a bit, and then left.

    I've tried to trap and evict him, but he is smarter than me. So I guess I've just got a mouse now.

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    I had mice a few winters ago. It was cute at first, then it got bad when more appeared. Tried a few live traps - catch and release, but ultimately had to resort to poison.
    Now we have a cat again, and it isn't a problem.

    I prefer snuggling cats to mice.


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      Originally posted by marsjams13 View Post
      I prefer snuggling cats to mice.
      Same. When I moved into my own four years ago, I got a three-legged bengal. She was wonderful, and would have definitely dealt with this problem. She was missing her front left leg, so pouncing resulted in her full weight obliterating things she attacked, including my thumb.

      She died a year or so ago. She was only about two years old. She developed a clot in the vein that supplied her back legs, and the legs basically died whilst she was still alive, so she had to be euthanised.

      I can't quite face getting another just yet.


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        Sympathies :( It was 4 years before I was ready for another


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          Thank you. I'm pretty sure I have multiple mice.