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    Originally posted by marsjams13 View Post
    pssst . . . sarcasm

    Ra-ra is too nice, i doubt she has anyone on ignore. . .then again, neither do i - can't be bothered, i just don't read what i don't care to.
    I'm the same, we're not here to get into petty arguments and block each other, it feels quite juvenile. This is the internet, you either have to be thick skinned enough to resist what's thrown at you, or clever enough to find a way to make it all work.

    It really makes me wonder why other people on the forum come here, considering how the social dynamic seems to, well, fluctuate. Does everyone like each other? After the years i've been on here I get strong vibes that everyone holds some opinion or another about each other. Granted, knowing others for a long time only brings these kinds of opinions up, but they don't have to take priority.

    tl;dr, can't we all just get along?


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      The other day I was using the search function for something and I read one of my old posts. I was so dejected that I put myself on ignore. So i'll never actually see this post, but I have to tell you, the forum is great this way. Adding myself to my ignore list whittles down the users whose posts I can view to one: MZD. Things were starting to pick up around here and this brings me right back to my comfort zone. The fourms are much easier to navigate when there's only 6 posts. Ok, off to the ether you go...