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Can I add myself to my buddy list?

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  • Can I add myself to my buddy list?

    I am, after all, my own best friend.

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    Hey! What about me?


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      Wow, it's been a while, Corndog.

      Of course you're my best friend. What was I thinking?

      I'm adding you to my buddy list. Along with MZD's hat.


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        I was going to show how much I liked this thread by clicking the "Like" button. Unfortunately, I now have to have a Facebook account before I can like something, so now no one will know whether I liked this thread or not, and I am doomed to a life of hating or having no opinion either way about things. Ach.


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          You could always resort to the Rate This Thread function....


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            Of course I could, old man Heartbreak, and maybe while I'm at it, I could log on to Ask Jeeves and search for pictures of flying toasters. Get with the new paradigm, Gramps! I bet you don't even have a facebook account.

            Instead of liking this thread or rating it, I have added tags.


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              Hey now, no need to get fussy. You're the one thinking that the new paradigm prevents you from doing anything you want to do. It's not always out with the old in with the new. Most of the time they have to co-exist. It's . What goes around comes around and all that jazz. Someone before you probably balked at holding a conversation in a thread. I mean how ridiculous is that? You couldn't fit much more than a string of nonsense in the space of a thread. Yet here we all are. Getting along just fine. Of course this didn't mean all other conversation outside of threads ended. I mean how silly would that be?


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                I ate MZD's hat. It tasted like cat puke.