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So banned members aren't banned anymore?

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  • So banned members aren't banned anymore?

    Last edited by fatwoul; 09-10-2010, 03:22 PM.

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    Personally I feel this is a good thing. Yes, banned members can be contentious, and yes, a little freaky, but they all add to the spice.

    P.S I just re-read my Red Dragon essay, and have concluded that I very genuinely don't think it makes any sense.

    I BLAME YOU!!!!!



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      P.S I think it may finally be time to stop mincing my words. I think, Fatwoul, it is time for you to stop messing around on this dumb little site based on the world's dumbest cult book (I liken H.O.L to Dianetics and the search for the hidden meaning to the cult of Scientology) and get around to taking not me on, but your damn hero Mark something or other. You are very clearly the only one on here with any talent, stop being my psycho stalker, and write your horror novel. I will definitely buy it, and I will definitely review it, and make it big. Bret Easton Ellis is a goddamn pussy. Stop chasing the yankee dollar, and make the world scared of you, for a change, inside of being terrified by it. H.O.L has no answer, it's just an elaborate HP Lovecraft story that doesn't show the monster. Show em the fucking monster man.

      P.S You can all ban me, now. Give a fuck. Dude, write it. It'll be killer. Don't waste your life in some dumb little massacre that will make the news for two minutes. Write your book.


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          What are you "huh?"ing about? You're the one who let the demented little freakshow back in.


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            Originally posted by fatwoul
            What are you "huh?"ing about? You're the one who let the demented little freakshow back in.
            Fats that is a little tre' harsh. Nik is not at fault here.


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              Originally posted by kittee
              Fats that is a little tre' harsh. Nik is not at fault here.
              Who is then? nik is a nice guy, but being nice doesn't make him flawless.

              nikhsub has, from the start, been the kind of moderator there should be more of: grown-ups who treat everyone else like grown-ups. In the last decade, people have been banned for a very small number of offences:

              Disrupting the operation of the forum
              Death threats/threats of violence

              Bonemaster was banned for threatening to injure and kill other members of the forum (myself included, but not just me). Somehow he is now allowed to access the forum again. If BM3K is no longer banned simply because the ban records did not survive the changing of the forum over the years, then perhaps now we should brace ourselves for an onslaught of other banned members. Maybe we should ready ourselves for more copies of goatse courtesy of mastergamer232 or whatever the hell his name was.

              I admire the job nikhsub has done with this forum, and appreciate that it's a vast construction to keep an eye on, but this is a mistake. Banning BM3K was a good thing, and he should have stayed banned. He is no less crazy now than he was when he first arrived X years ago.

              BM3K is on my ignore list, so I can't - and haven't - read any of his posts since his return, but I would be surprised if they weren't predominantly directed at me, because the nutjob seems to have some kind of obsession with me, so it's hard for me to not take this return a little personally. I would recommend other users also ignore him, but the point is we shouldn't have to.


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                He actually seemed more insane this time than he did as Cantor Crosland, or at least it seemed that way to me. Perhaps I'd just forgotten what he was like. He was probably always just as manic, incoherent, rambling, and self-mythologising in the past.


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                  Well, get used to him, because unless he actually murders a forum member and posts the video, I suspect we're stuck with him.


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                    Cool man, just found this new thread. You are so strange, Fatwoul. I'm genuinely starting to find you one of the strangest people I have ever encountered. But thanks for all the attention, and I heard of this really weird new book called SMOKING IS COOL blah blah the mayor's on my ass blah blah etc


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                      Originally posted by kittee
                      Fats that is a little tre' harsh. Nik is not at fault here.
                      My point is only that "this demented little freakshow" i.e me, had started a Facebook and was having fun hooking up with old friends and whatever (I even wrote to the ex-girlfriend who broke my heart in exchange for hers) and then Fatwoul shows up writing obscene messages on my wall.

                      You should probably face up to it by now, that on this site I am merely playing up to the cameras, Of Leaves is a demented little freakshow of a book, therefore you get BM3K. I do recall at one point some members actually thinking I was MZD.

                      But now I am a published novelist, and very secure in my potential success.
                      So anybody who hits out at me on here gets hit back ten times harder, and anyway, you're all ignoring me so what does it matter? Point being, what do you really know about El Fat? He's in his early to mid thirties, he's a depressive type, and he's way more into me than I am into him.

                      What I write about professionally is sexual dysfunction and social structures of control. I know my subject. So Fatwoul, I know for a cast iron fact you're reading this, since you (and I'm quoting from my Facebook) "love" me. Do you love me because I have inadvertently mythologised you? It's probably that simple.

                      Anyway. I personally (in the real world) feel Fatwoul wishes to do me more harm than I wish to do him, latent killers often have very vivid fantasy lives involving control and manipulation.

                      Eventually you'll realise this, but, no, I have never committed any acts of violence in my life, and do not intend to.

                      Kittee? I am slightly disappointed by your lack of self-esteem. Back in the day I was just giving you props, homie.

                      Take care. :)


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                        Surprise, surprise, BM3K has started to spam the fuck out of the forum.

                        Is anybody else reminded of a petulant toddler, repeatedly stamping his feet and shouting the same thing because the grown-ups aren't listening?


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                          This place is startlingly .

                          Good to know some things never change.

                          Hi all!


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                              Originally posted by Bonemaster3000
                              I do recall at one point some members actually thinking I was MZD.
                              Gosh, this forum does seem to have a problem with spammers. In fact, you don't have to be a spammer to experience this. All you have to do is register and start posting and you already end up on the list of suspects as one of bm3k reincarnations :)

                              Of course, no offense taken, fatwoul.