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  • Names in Clip 4

    "Character" names:

    Realic S. Tarnen

    Caroline Weld

    The Man: Toland Ouse

    The Kid: Zeke Rilvergaile

    Audra / Willow Rue (Audra Ouse ? Willow Rue Ouse ?)
    Alternate names for journalism: Pacifica, Norma Desmond, Anne Carson, Norman Mailer, Gertrude Stein, Selina Kyle, Tao Lin, James Kirkwood, Junot Díaz, Diane Ladd, Marcus, Mitchell, Murakami, Morrison, Salman Rushdie, Bret Easton Ellis, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Fury, Furry, Laurie Anderson, dream hampton, Patti Smith, Emily Dickinson, M. Ventura, L. Tillman, D. Adams, S. Hartter, A. Bender, M. Angelou, S. Bynum, G. Saunders, M. July, U. Le Guin, M. Atwood, E. Hardy, H. Andersen, E. Adnan, D. Wallace, J. Cortázar, D. Alighieri, T. Carson, M. Proust, R. Bolaño, R. Akutagawa, A. Dumas, R. Anaya, S. Jackson, A. Miller, C. Roberts, L. McCaffery, J. Ellroy, A. Frank, R. Raley, K. Dunn, R. Moody, G. Deledda, C. Odets, D. DeLillo, J. Updike, R. Ludlum, A. Proulx, R. Kurzweil, U. Eco, J. Austen A. Monaghan U. Sinclair H. Hampton A. Berger, Susan Richards

    Quoted/referenced writers:

    Gottfried Balibar

    Cassandra Hogsmill

    Melissa Alk

    Cobin Caokrai

    Vintage Startle



    Mia Millais

    Quan Ji

    Brandi Poll


    Juraj Kadisk

    Sloane Xi

    Michael Shannon

    James Franco

    Saya Weaäve

    D.A. Pennebaker

    Richard Kelly


    Evelyn Mulwray

    Jake Gittes

    Ida Sessions

    Dewey Webers

    Horace Freeland Judson

    Bob Dylan

    Joan Didion*

    Erica Jong*

    Gloria Steinem*

    Allen Ginsberg*


    Greg Benford*


    * referenced within the story by The Man

    TK note p. 175 - The Kid? Realic S. Tarnen -> TK?
    BC notes - Black Clock?

    So, on to the obvious:

    Zeke Rilvergaile
    ???? ???????????
    Mark Danielewski

    Toland Ouse
    ?????? ????
    ...... ....

    There are probably some anagrams in there somewhere, too. Weird names abound. Also, including a ton of known authors' names as Audra's nom de plumes along with the consideration that we are the observers/the camera, Audra could be a foil for any author we read - the camera is in our mind. We are pursuing them, like in OR. Maybe.
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    "Tarnen" means "disguise" (vb.) in German.

    Also, isn't Selina Kyle Catwoman?


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      Thank you for starting this, Ellimist. Did you download the magazine? Then check page 8, Anthony Miller's "A History of the Cinema 1920-2014". It is a fictional, or better: alternative history of cinema, where Terry Gilliam dircets "Watchmen", and it does not only contain the Navidson record, it also has some names (an films) mentioned in "Clip 4". About Darc's "The Zoo: Costruire Paradisi Di Buio" it says:

      1929: Fragments from The Zoo: Costruire Paradisi Di Buio, a work of undetermined length and origin by a filmmaker known only as “Darc” (sometimes misidentified in studies of early film as “D’arc”), begin appearing at underground screenings in Paris and Milan. [...]
      1939: Darc’s The Zoo is hailed as a masterpiece and draws comparisons to Griffith, Gance, Sarre, Eisenstein and Tod Browning, but remains unseen. [...]
      1967: Darc’s forty-year-old The Zoo finds circulation without major distribution. The film is considered an art- thriller, a fraud (Orson Welles would make oblique reference to it in his F for Fake) and, some scholars suggest, a precursor to the “essay film.” The film wins the Prix Dédale at the EXPRMNTL 4 film festival in Knokke-le-Zoute [knocke ze lutte?], later finding its way onto the midnight movie circuit. [...]
      2011: “Clip 4” begins appearing at film festivals and online. Its association with Darc’s The Zoo is contested.
      "Super Navidson Recordy. Don’t you think?" (Page 172, note en marge.) I did not check the rest of the fun here, but perhaps somebody can tell us who is Anthony Miller?

      Some words about Darc: "Costruire Paradisi Di Buio" seems to be false Italian, Fearful can correct me there, but I read it as "To construct paradises of the dark?" A reference to cinema as such is not too far fetched, or not? (See also the Welles-quote in HoL about adding more darkness.) Silent movies and "D'arc": that reminds me of Carl Theodor Dreyer's milestone "La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc" (1928). But "Z00" (cfr. p. 171), literarily "A zed and two noughts" is a film by Peter Greenaway, a film about couplets, twins, symmetries. This as a short associative feed back.
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        Originally posted by Magda View Post

        I did not check the rest of the fun here, but perhaps somebody can tell us who is Anthony Miller?
        Here's a short bio with some potentially helpful name-dropping


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          That was helpful, indeed. So this seemed to be a real collaboration. But the interconnections do not stop between Miller and MZD. Page 180 of "Clip 4" points in return to:

          Ryder J. Fremont (page 65, author: C. M. Rennet),
          Invisible Woman (page 90, author: Claire Phillips),
          Matthew Specktor's "Maximum Dogbreath" (page 111),
          Southland Tales (page 161, Emily White: Have a nice apocalypse).

          And certainly more.

          Sorry for the digression, Ellimist.


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            D'arc -


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              Originally posted by Magda View Post
              "A zed and two noughts" is a film by Peter Greenaway, a film about couplets, twins, symmetries. This as a short associative feed back.
              A Zed and Two Noughts is actually about Siamese twins, separated at an early age, unable to deal with the death of both their lovers in the same automobile accident. One immerses himself in making films of various fruit, vegetables & animals decomposing and the other.... well I forget what the other does but it's a film full of spectacular visuals and plays out as if destined to be a film, as opposed to The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover (that's from memory so is probably wrong) which, though visually appetising, feels like a filmed piece of theatre intended for the stage.


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                Originally posted by consider us dead View Post
                Lillian D'Arc. Yes, and Arc de ciel (a name in A zed and two noughts) = Rainbow = Iris = Eye.
                Originally posted by Ell
                ...the camera is in our mind
                Not to forget Darc Zoo --> Mark Zee.
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                  This is pretty obvious but I like how Vintage Startle hotly debated the vintage of the clip.


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                    One more for the list: there's a "Griff" mentioned on page 181 in Caroline's notes.

                    Realic S. Tarnen's notes inside confuse me a bit. Mostly in that they are addressed to a "N.B.", whose identity I can't discern. It happens twice: an entire paragraph on page 170, and again n page 173 set apart in brackets.

                    So, who or what is "B.N."?

                    (note: my page numbers are a bit different from some of the one's I've been reading on the forum. I think the PDF might be numbered differently)

                    EDIT: And another name-related note, it Caroline once referrs to Realic S. Tarnen as "RST", which might be bit of a acronym for people on this forum. Raw Shark Texts.
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                      N.B. means Nota Bene, "note well"

                      n.b. this link:


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                        Reading this for the first time now and there are many more references to the rest of Black Clock #15 than have been recorded here. Not done yet but it seems as though Touland Ouse is somehow viewing material from the alternate timeline as described in "A History of the Cinema". Seems like this gives some pretty strong evidence towards QuiteBaffled's "The Navidson Record is real but in a different timeline", since it exists on that timeline. This may be very important. Note for potential readers: there are bits of the timeline scattered throughout the whole book, not just in Miller's specific section. These bits are also referenced in Clip 4.

                        EDIT: Okay, finished. The fact that Touland dismisses his earlier ramblings is strange - sure, it makes sense that the girl died, yeah. But his ramblings still extensively reference the rest of the journal. I guess this could technically be inconsequential but the "alternate timeline" content being referenced is so relevant. As an aside, in the back of the book MZD's favorite movie is listed as Darc's "The Zoo" - so elusive that even his "about the author" content ties into everything. The whole trolling nature of the story is very HoL-y, "don't you think?".

                        I almost feel like this should have been in its own book (of short stories?) or at the beginning of TF, like, it introduces the orb stuff in a very clear and creepy manner. Seems very important to those reading MZD as one story, but it's hidden away in this magazine, so most would overlook it unless they were the kind of people that come on this forum.

                        EDIT EDIT: I forgot. Darc's The Zoo is said to be tagged all over the internet as "Z00" with the 0's reaching up to 27. I think that number's significance is obvious. What's the Z, then? Clip 4?
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                          Just noticed this. Pretty cool!


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                            unable to deal with the death of both their lovers in the same automobile accident.


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                              OMG, this thing goes deeper than I thought...

                              (thanks to 8cht @ of leaves subreddit