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  • Now Here Our Summer . . .

    From the author of of Leaves comes the audio version of the National Bestseller, National Book Award Finalist, about teenage love, teenage suicide and the American road.

    Mark Z Danielewski’s Only Revolutions (Reels 1-5).
    With music by Danny Elfman.
    Bonus track by Poe.

    Readings by Mark Z Danielewski & Alexis Madden

    Now available on iTunes &

    (Reel 1)

    (Reel 2)

    (Reel 3)

    (Reel 4)

    (Reel 5)



    Co-produced by Jessica Kaye. Engineered by Zed B. Starkovich. Recorded at The Media Staff. Earwatched by Poe. Special thanks to Kirsten Johnson, Olle Romo, Samantha Rogers, James Kimball and of course Danny and Bridget and the Moonmad Sunday Gang.

    Bonus Tracks include:

    Little Runaway by Poe, written when she was a teenager. Piano by Nathan Rosenberg.

    Revolutions Of Ruin by Mark Z Danielewski & Kenneth Burgomaster. With very special thanks to Kimberly Beder, Eamon Cannon, Kevin Connolly, Carolyn Eilola, Christy Gordon, Gwen, Siobhan Hanson, Erik Hartley, Heartbreak, Paul Jensen, Kristin Larch, Alexis Madden, Jeff Moody, Curtis Rasico, Johnny Rogers, Nowlin Scoggins, Clayton Sims, Fearful Syzygy and of course [email protected]

    Only Revolutions Prelude by Mark Z Danielewski, Kenneth Burgomaster and Richard Wagner.

    Audio Length: Around 9 hours for Reels 1-5.
    Year of Publication: 2007
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    Sorry if this has been discussed in previous threads, but is there a planned hardcopy release (preferably CD)?
    I know there are a lot of people, me included, who have looked forward to this for some time now, but will not buy it in digital format.


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      Originally posted by Hazel


      As of now there are no plans to release a hard-copy version of OR-Audio.


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        Originally posted by CpVb006
        That sucks. Oh well.


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          I downloaded it on iTunes yesterday and have been listening to it in my car and on my computer. Today I bought the paperback, got home and thought it'd be a good idea to read along with the audio. I definitely reccomend it. Obviously since MZD's the one who wrote it, he knows how it's supposed to be read. If you just listen to it, you don't get all the eye candy (colors), synonyms and mixed words (like hursty and thungry). I've only listened up to Sam II.3 so far, so keep that in mind as you're reading the rest of this review.

          MZD does a great job. There are times when he just sounds like Mark Danielewski reading from his new book, but for the most part he stays in character as Sam.

          Alexis Madden, who reads for Hailey isn't as good. It sounds like she's herself reading most of the time. At times, you can hear her slip into the Hailey character, but the next chapter usually starts off as Alexis Madden reading a book out loud. She is really good at reading for the Creep, however.

          The background music is very good (I'm a fan of Danny Elfman anyway) and fits in perfectly with what's going on. The sound effects are very good also. There's different kinds of motors running as the cars change and different sounds of war between the Sam and Hailey story (because of the year difference). The "Revolutions of Ruin" track is great. A while ago, I hooked an audio cable from the speaker jack in a laptop to the microphone jack on my PC and played (and recorded) the track from the OR MSpace site. After a lot of hassle, I got a pretty good sounding file. Then this is released. All my work in vain.

          So, if you're a fan of the book (as you most likely are, if you're on here), you'll probably like the audio. If you want to download a couple of tracks before deciding, I'd reccomend "the Creep" from Reel 1 (I.9), and "Rape?"/"Rescue?" from Reel 2 (II.2).

          Another point that everyone's probably already noticed is that it's split into "reels," supporting the (probably already proven) theory that is a "movie".

          I too wish that this were available on CD...
          Maybe if there's enough requests, they can make a limited quantity of them...?
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            finally lossless

            The all-you-can-eat versions are now available from Music is Here.


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              so does the audio switch between characters or is one reel all sam and then the next reel is all hailey? Or does he interchange so u do indeed flip the book around as you listen and read?


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                The entire book is separated into 5 reels. The format of a reel is like so:
                Reel 1:


                Reel 2:


                And so on...


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                  I'm sure I'll piss some people off, but my God, if this audio project doesn't seem a little desperate and mainstream-y for MZD...


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                    ... I actually have not even listened to it yet.

                    I bought it, and listened to bits of it... but I have yet to actually sit through it and listen while reading my hard cover (which I also have not read).

                    It's just not of Leaves. I know it was not meant to be... it's just not me. heh.


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                      Originally posted by Ellimist
                      ... I actually have not even listened to it yet.

                      I bought it, and listened to bits of it... but I have yet to actually sit through it and listen while reading my hard cover (which I also have not read).

                      It's just not of Leaves. I know it was not meant to be... it's just not me. heh.
                      Yeah, that's definitely part of it. I was just noticing the sheer number of posts made by MZD and this Hazel person, and it seems a little I'd prefer. That was half the fun of HoL. Hell, that was 90% of the fun.


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                        yeah, it is pretty weird to get used to. i havent listened to the whole thing yet either- just parts. but yeah im gonna sit down and read along with it also at some point in my life. by itself though- i dont think its very good (the audio). the book, however, is great.


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                          I just drove from Wichita, KS to Charlotte, NC, and listened to the OR audio project the whole way, finishing it upon my entry to NC. I must say, the end seems much more passionately read on behalf of Sam & Hailey (MZD & Alexis).. as mentioned, it is *much* easier to understand and follow the story plot when it is read aloud, especially over long instances. Love it, most likely will listen to beginning of OR over again..!


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                            Had almost forgotten how much I loved the Revolutions of Ruin track. Wanted to quote it for a friend. Can't stop listening. Over and over. It will be my ruin if I can not break free. Seriously... need to get ready for class now...