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    Only Revolutions

    with Mark Z Danielewski reading Sam
    & Alexis Madden reading Hailey

    Music by Danny Elfman from his “Serenada Schizophrana” “Overeager Overture” “Danny’s Wedding March” and “Bridget’s Wedding March”.

    Co-produced by Jessica Kaye. Engineered by Zed B. Starkovich. Recorded at The Media Staff. —Thanks Jerry for the great bread! Earwatched by Poe. Special thanks to Kirsten Johnson, Olle Romo, Samantha Rogers, James Kimball and of course Danny and Bridget and the Moonmad Sunday Gang.

    Bonus Tracks include:

    Little Runaway by Poe, written when she was a teenager. Piano by Nathan Rosenberg.

    Revolutions Of Ruin by Mark Z Danielewski & Kenneth Burgomaster. With very special thanks to Kimberly Beder, Eamon Cannon, Kevin Connolly, Carolyn Eilola, Christy Gordon, Gwen, Siobhan Hanson, Erik Hartley, Heartbreak, Paul Jensen, Kristin Larch, Alexis Madden, Jeff Moody, Curtis Rasico, Johnny Rogers, Nowlin Scoggins, Clayton Sims, Fearful Syzygy and of course [email protected]

    Only Revolutions Prelude by Mark Z Danielewski, Kenneth Burgomaster and Richard Wagner.

    Audio Length: Around 9 hours for Reels 1-5.
    Year of Publication: 2007


    The National Bestseller, National Book Award Finalist, about teenage love, teenage suicide and the American road. From the author of of Leaves. With music by Danny Elfman.

    “A masterpiece . . . one of the great road novels . . . exhilarating . . . a literary experience unlike anything else.”

    —The Washington Post Book World

    “Hailey and Sam . . . friends, lovers, restless comrades . . . as various as Huck and Jim, Bonnie and Clyde, Vladimir and Estragon . . . and one shared ‘dream’ . . . And anyone can see that the ‘dream’ at stake is America.”

    — The New York Times Book Review

    “Provocative, mischievous and thoroughly dazzling . . . In staking out the line between poem and prose, [Danielewski] treats our traditional lexis like so much Silly Putty. He smashes, pushes, copies, tears and juggles words in combinations unanticipated and inspired, providing so much pace and beauty to the story that the book screams to be read aloud.”

    —San Francisco Chronicle

    “A startling and versatile pair of voices, and a manner of storytelling which is at once hallucinatory . . . slyly punning, and also possessed finally of an authentically tragic register. . . . Once you are attuned to its extraordinary music, there is no way out except through the end.”

    —The Guardian

    “It’s difficult to decide whether Danielewski is merely reinventing the novel as a medium, or has constructed his own, entirely original platform from which to destroy literary convention.”

    —The New York Press

    “Engaging. . . . Reads like a love story slipped into a particle accelerator.”

    —Time Out New York

    “Poetic. . . . Elegant. . . . The more the novel’s structure is decoded, the more lyrical and poignant it becomes. . . . Ambitious, undeniably astonishing and contemporary.”


    “In his new novel, the author of of Leaves is up to his old tricks—multicolored and upside-down text—and some flabbergasting new ones.”

    —The New Yorker

    “It’s difficult to decide whether Danielewski is merely reinventing the novel as a medium, or has constructed his own, entirely original platform from which to destroy literary convention.”

    —The New York Press

    “Mark Z. Danielewski’s raises the level of American literature to a new height of experimentation. As complex as the novel appears, it is based essentially on the simple, romantic stories of two young lovers, Hailey and Sam, as they cross the continent in jalopies. Their love is fated by the lives they are trying to escape from, and more, fated by history—not only American history, but world history, so overwhelmingly the history of those who ‘go,’ who die in train wrecks, in earthquakes, in wars. This innovative novel combines the rhythm and swing of rap with the high lyricism of the beauty of nature. In the way stories of two young fated lovers do, instills in the reader that indefinable longing and love for what is beyond history. It dares the grand emotions.”

    — National Book Award Finalist Judges’ Citation

    “Turning readers upside-down . . . [] is the road novel as if imagined by John Cage. . . . A true revolution—it wants to overthrow not just how we read, but what we read.”


    “Exceptional . . . a poetic jazz riff on 200 years of U.S. history . . . combines the best of Kerouac, e. e. cummings, and Joyce . . . heavy with wordplay and heady with love. . . . A crib sheet to the universality of teen angst.”

    —Minneapolis Star Tribune

    “Heartbreaking . . . [a] celebration . . . and chronicle of America . . . adrenaline pulses through the book.”

    —Denver Post

    “Rewarding . . . a palindrome of a book . . . appears destined to become a classic.”

    —The Oregonian

    “Sweeping ambition and fierce intelligence. . . . A quintessential novel of our time.”

    —Los Angeles Times
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