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    Okay the contest is finally lurching forward.
    Here's the link:
    February 14, 2007 is the deadline.

    Good luck.

    __________________________________________________ _______________

    During his ONLY REVOLUTIONS book tour, Mark Z. Danielewski was struck by the enthusiasm he encountered. But spirit wasn't the only thing fans showed up with. Many approached the author and showed him their own creative works inspired by ONLY REVOLUTIONS and OF LEAVES. Drawings of the characters in OR, academic theses about HOL, and more have started to appear on the forums. (One man dropped his drawers, but we believe this was a random act and not a piece of performance art.) This outpouring of creativity has inspired the ONLY REVOLUTIONS CONTEST. Read on to find out how you can win signed copies of all his books, a chance to have your own words or images featured on the author's official website, and possibly even see it featured in the paperback edition of OR.

    Read ONLY REVOLUTIONS. Buy the book

    Tap into your talents, and create whatever you like, based on your interpretation of the book. We encourage you to think outside the proverbial box. Take your cue from ONLY REVOLUTIONS, and create something that nobody has ever made before. Here are some suggestions:

    - Art – Create an image of Sam, Hailey, the Creep, or anything inspired by . You may use anything from crayons to Quark to do this, but please be sure you can create an electronic version of your image to send us.
    - Words – Write a “User’s Manual” for ONLY REVOLUTIONS. This will be a reader’s guide to conquer all reader’s guides. Check this out for guidance.

    Art - Post a link to your creation on, and include the link in your contest entry:
    (sticky thread OR Contest Art )
    Please label your art: ORContestART (We suggest you host your original creation on flickr, photobucket, your blog, myspace or another hosting provider).
    Words – Please email your Word or PDF document to [email protected]. Please label your User’s Manual: ORContestUM

    Complete contest entry form.

    First Name
    Last Name
    Street Address

    Read the fine print.

    The first 150 entrants in each category will receive a pack of ONLY REVOLUTIONS stickers. No purchase necessary. All we ask is that you display your OR stickers proudly, on your laptop, at your local coffee, or on your Ipod. Help us spread the word.

    Two runners up (1 in each category) will receive a signed copy of ONLY REVOLUTIONS and copies of THE REMASTERED EDITION OF OF LEAVES, THE WHALESTOE LETTERS, and a pack of ONLY REVOLUTIONS stickers.

    Two Grand Prize winner(s) (1 in each category) will receive a signed library of ONLY REVOLUTIONS, THE REMASTERED EDITION OF OF LEAVES, THE WHALESTOE LETTERS, and THE FIFTY YEAR SWORD, the audio of ONLY REVOLUTIONS (upon completion), a signed HAUNTED cd by Mark’s sister POE, and a pack of ONLY REVOLUTIONS stickers. And the chance to have his/her entry posted on the author’s website and/or in the paperback edition of ONLY REVOLUTIONS.
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    Too bad that none other than pure Americanas had the possibility to be part of the contest.
    Me, the swede, apologize for entering the contest without knowing that fact.
    Excuse me Hazel.


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      Pure Americans? Never met one.


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        Nevertheless... isn't the contest over now? Feb. 14th.

        WHO WON?


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          Aw, dammit. How did I completely overlook the deadline?

          Looks like I bought that spirograph for nothing.


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            shit, i missed it too.


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              I'd show pity, but this means less competition for me! mwahaha!

              Mine is posted in the UM folder, have a look-see if you'd like. I have to give some credit to all the members here, at least the one's that post regularly, and substantially. The ideas I've found here (your ideas), greatly helped to shape what is there, though, I assure you, nothing was lifted plagaristically.


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                Originally posted by Ellimist
                Nevertheless... isn't the contest over now? Feb. 14th.

                WHO WON?
                I did post.

                I think they will tell about a week or two, correct me if I´m wrong.


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                  Originally posted by hello?
                  Aw, dammit. How did I completely overlook the deadline?

                  Looks like I bought that spirograph for nothing.
                  That´s no fun.


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                    And it was the perfect spirograph for making OR art:

                    I'm not gonna claim that MZD makes aesthetic choices based solely on the colors of children's toys, but... yeah, he does.


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                      OR art

                      YEAH!!! I didn't notice the cutoff date either but yeah i got it in at 5 a.m.

                      OK...I feel warm


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                        It's nearly been a month now... Will we ever hear back?


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                          If you read the fine print you would see it says:

                          "The prize will be awarded in the name of the winner's parent or legal guardian if the winner is under 18. Winner or winner’s parent or legal guardian will be notified by email and/or phone on or about March 14, 2007 and winner or winner’s parent/legal guardian will be required to sign and return affidavit(s) of eligibility and release of liability within 14 days of notification."


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                            Ah thank you. :)


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                              I´m really excited about it!