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    Edit: sweet a new auto coloring feature. Does this mean that O.R has color text of some importance?


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      Originally posted by bigm141414
      Edit: sweet a new auto coloring feature. Does this mean that O.R has color text of some importance?
      Haha, considering the patterns of the past, I think it would be safe to assume so.


      • #4 OR section

        Michele has been doing a small amount of work keeping it organized while I try unsuccessfully to make a nice graphically appealing version of the site, which would help if maybe I was creative and artistic.

        Any additional information that anyone has, feel free to pass it along and we'll add it. Don't know if we'll do an "Idiot's Guide to OR" or anything like that... depends on if mZrk comes up with questions to ask us this time.

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          That's cool. I'm really looking forward to . Can't wait until September.


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            Exploration Z has started a blog to chronicle our journey along the "allways sixteen" Book Tour. We hope to be able to provide audio and video clips and recaps as well as the written word. Right now, there's some small tidbits of news and a graphic illustration of the sum of our planned trip.

            You can all check it out at:


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              A new paperback cover? It's not the contest art, and it's not quite what I was expecting. Maybe a teaser cover?


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                No matter what it is, I kinda like it.


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                  That is sort of neat. Nice find.


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                    I like the new cover as well.


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                      I was looking on amazon, and found this.

                      Danielewsky? Wha?

                      Further weirdness.

                      Edit/Part II:

                      Amazon has the above linked-to cover on the site for the paperback. And a little larger than on the Random site.

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                        They must have just put that cover pic up today, it wasn't there last night.

                        As for the misspellings of Mark's last name, its probably one of the merchants mispelt it and so it got stuck under its own heading. Saw that happen awhile ago when one of them put in the wrong publication date.

                        Edit: Then again that is an awful lot of sky...


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                          Crazy merchants.

                          Judging by the cover, I'm half-expecting the book to not have colored Os this time around. None of those of the cover are colored (though "" being blue seems to be retained), aside from the Os in the actual title. And they all seem to be some dark shade of purple.



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                            Why the hell have they split "Exhilarating" like that on the cover blurb? Looks über-unprofessional.


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                              That and the crowded text of "A Novel" gave me the inclination that it could be a teaser cover. It's a nice photo, but it doesn't jive with the novel's circularity of theme. It just don't jive.