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A second rite of passage

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  • A second rite of passage

    A new journey for me as a gestalt real-time review of the of Leaves text, after first experiencing it about twenty years ago ...
    starting here:

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    A crucial chapter, I sense, where we see Karen’s transcript of her discussion with the famous writers and thinkers with whom she discussed the book, how they embraced it or spurned it, and we read the exact words of these explicitly named ‘gliterati’. Some telling revelations here. The Freudian sex embedded in the Hollow of the book, as a wannabe vagina thing associated with the ‘uncanny’. This even stirred me to examine ‘Navidson’ as a name, the Navidad (nativity) of Christ as a son from his navel? Or should most of this have been redacted by a series of Xs in black crayon and tar to make the new XX book that — emerging in a timely synchronicity with my re-exploring the book today — bears a mutual synergy Navidad with the book.
    This chapter also deals with Zeno’s Paradox as equally as with Procrustianism. And Truant’s awakening again to his Thumper, where breasts seem more important to him than a vagina complex as a suicidal Hollow’s Way?
    Reportage of Karen’s cleansing catharsis — by her curating the (so-called normal) photos at the end of this chapter — helps to exonerate Navidson’s Will. Give or take a vulture ominously threatening a little girl in a time-distant war zone.


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      And I now wonder if the #JohnBarth book haunts the Danielewski book, or vice versa, or both haunting each other mutually?
      And are the LEAVES tobacco????????

      #ofLeaves #sotweedfactor


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        I have just finished my Gestalt Real-Time Review of HoL.