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  • 046665-081512

    Hlo dear folks,
    This is Blogruz from France. I am sorry I have only a French edition here, and I hope you'll understand what is Appendix II-A, the five drawings and 30 pictures.
    Congratulations to the one that saw number 081512 means HOL.
    I have an idea for the previous number, 046665.
    At the end of the movie PI, by Darren Aronofsky (1997), Max Cohen is sitting on a bench, a young girl friend comes to see him, and she starts to play the game they used to play together.
    - How much is 255 times 183?
    But Max can't now answer faster than the calculator, and the girl has to give the answer herself:
    - 46665.
    She tries another question:
    - How much is 748 divided by 238?
    Max keeps silent, she insists:
    - What's the answer?
    And that's the last words of the movie. The camera leaves them to go among the leaves of the trees above...
    Well the answer is 3.14..., i.e. the title of the movie.
    That would be a big co-incidence if another 46665 was followed by a number which key is again the title of the work, 08-15-12 = H-O-L.
    By the way I notice that 8+15+12 = 35, and there are 2+1+2+30 = 35 drawings on these 4 pages of the appendix II-A.
    Anybody knows if there is a connection between Aronofsky and MZD?

    The end of PI is on YouTube (actually the whole film in 4 parts)

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      Incredible to find a neighbour on this part of the forum
      Quelle partie de la provence, Blogruz ?
      Anyway : really interesting (et tu pourrais aussi poster ça du côté VF...)


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        As fearful showed in this post #001280 is the colour code for blue. That only leaves #175079 to be deciphered.


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          175079 : AGE-79
          could fit with Zampano?

          I have something better for "Chiffre 389506":
          3-8-9-5-6 = CHIEF
          all letters are in CHIFFRE, which means both 'digit' and 'code' (cypher) in French (.fr!)
          the etymology is arabic ZIFR, meaning 'zero', maybe the additional 0


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            Originally posted by heartbreak
            As fearful showed in this post #001280 is the colour code for blue. That only leaves #175079 to be deciphered.
            were are these numbers located?


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              As blogruz said, they are located in Appendix II-A. Sketches & Polaroids. Starts on page 568 in the US paperback.


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                'Chiffre 389506' is in footnote 75 (a long list...)


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                  Originally posted by blogruz

                  The end of PI is on YouTube (actually the whole film in 4 parts)
                  From blogruz with love :


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                    I'm still curious about 046665 and the other numbers of appendix II-A.
                    # 00 12 80 is clever, but a good deal of numbers would give too a blue color.
                    I do not feel sure either that my 046665 coming from Aronofsky's 46665 is that evident, because I know of many such evidences that are coincidences.
                    Does mr MZD sometimes dare to explain what was on his mind?
                    I discovered 46664 was a very well known number, Nelson Mandela's prisoner number, anybody seeing a connection with HOL?

                    I found too a script of the movie *Pi*:
                    (add www)
                    This gives another reason for the borrowing of 46665, with these words:
                    Pythagoras loved this shape,
                    for he found it in nature -
                    a nautilus shell, rams' horns,
                    whirlpools, tornadoes,...
                    (Nautilus is on the document 046665)

                    Strangely, this transcript doesn't give the numerous numbers of the script, which appears as blanks, as if there were HOLy names of God, except for the last ones:
                    How about 255 times 183?
                    I got it! What's the answer?
                    I don't know. What is it?
                    46,665. See?
                    How about 748 divided by 238?
                    I got it. What's the answer?
                    (748:238 = 3.14... = Pi
                    081512 = 08-15-12 = H-O-L)


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                      playing around with the color codes as suggested above 046665 comes out to be a pretty close approximatin of Celedon. I know this cuz I used to sell fine china and celedon was a hugely populr color.

                      Celedon i used int he book somewhere in the book when Dannyboy gives 'pastel' approximations of the green / red / blue / yellow (Incidentally the same colors that indicate patches on my Alesis Ion synthesizer). Usefull?


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                        coming from some beautiful H0L artwork">here,

                        that last pic is one of my got me thinking though...Johnny scribbled some drawings similar with halls upon halls upon halls in the appendix...however, we know how the adjusts to the thoughts and emotions of the journeyman. in a way, each room doesn't exist if no one is in it right? If this is true it brings up a couple qs?

                        First, as the responds to the psyche, how does it respond to conflicting ideas. For example, scared Tom at the top of the stairs and brave Navy at the bottom. The way Holloway starts to snap and Jed and Wax continue. Has the become its own thing for Holloway, and it own thing for Jed and Wax, or does it react in some way to the opposing ideas. Does the provide a unique experience for all who travel it.
                        Second, what then are the greater implications of "arrivals" in the journey. Why does one arrive at the grand hall, or the staircase, or the various structures of Navy's final journey.


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                          Originally posted by blogruz
                          "Chiffre 389506":
                          ...CHIFFRE, which means both 'digit' and 'code' (cypher) in French (.fr!)
                          Originally posted by pg 65
                          ("Chiffre 389506: Inkognito, 1993")
                          Not much to add to this but Inkognito... incognito... a code or cypher might be a message that is incognito... and when printed it might be in ink... page 389 is the first page of Navi's letter to Karen which contains the line "a code to decipher". Also, the struck lines in red, which is kind of odd considering it is supposed to be a letter written by Navidson, why would Zampano try to eliminate some of it?

                          Page 506 contains an acrostic in the lower half of the page (emphasis added).
                          premonition--whatever this is--as well as that thing
                          in the foyer away, a roar to erase all recollection,
                          protecting me?, still?, obviously great enough to
                          exceed the pitch of all the equipment chewing up wood,
                          stone and earth, and certainly much louder than the
                          Johnny talks about finding his father's roar within his head sending a memory. The roar within the bull playing the pipes. The producer of the music being incognito.


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                              When a HOL affair is over...

                              Sorry Heartbreak I don't often visit the forum so I missed your insight about Chiffre 389506.
                              Quite clever !

                              I had recently another idea about 08-15-12 (= H-O-L).
                              MZD is of Jewish origin, isn't he? So maybe he knows some bits of Hebrew.
                              Letters 08-15-12 in the Hebrew alphabet are
                              'H(et) S(amekh) L(amed)
                              which together form the word
                              'HaSaL, which means "finished", "over".
                              The expression 'hasal ha sippur means "the story is over".
                              It may look meaningful to have this 'HaSaL about at the end of the book, and it might even be a reason for its title.
                              In my beginning is my end, in my end is my beginning...