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The Music on p. 479

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  • I think he means not right in the sense of Navy's daughter being named Daisy.


    • Originally posted by heartbreak
      I think he means not right in the sense of Navy's daughter being named Daisy.
      Well, yeah. When I first read it, that was how I saw it too.

      After thinking about it for a bit, though, I feel the song is much more harmless than that. In this day and age , the song is often and ( to the best of my knowledge ) almost exclusively in the province of childrens' songs anyway.

      The catchiness of a tune trumps the meaning of the words* sometimes, though I still think you're probably right. I mostly just wanted to put a few ideas out there and see if they had any merit.

      * I believe it's important to note we are possibly not just talking about the words in this case ( especially considering the topic ).


      • Originally posted by Rryssa
        a quick google search of "over the love of you" shows that a number of people believe that that's the correct lyric
        I only found one after looking through quite a few but ... perhaps


        • Originally posted by noevilstar
          I only found one after looking through quite a few but ... perhaps
          I'm sorry about that. :/

          It's one of the reasons I don't like using Google for examples. It was a bad choice.

          For me, I had 3 hits on the first page and neary half of the second page indicating the lyric confusion. On the other hand, a lot of those were blog links, and no reliable proof, really.

          Edit: To clarify, I have safesearch off and have the links set to 20 per page, so, approximately 13 out of 40.

          A quick addendum: Double that, at least. I just searched it again ( mostly to confirm I was reading my initial results right ), 4 pages of results, .... and only going on the hits that at least implicitly state that it's 'Daisy Bell/Bicycle Built For Two' I'm seeing 8 on the first page, and almost the entirety of the second page. Even at best, that would be a small minority of people, assuming the people who post the incorrect lyrics are the only ones who assume the incorrect lyrics are the real thing, but I would think that any general cross-section of people that know that specific incorrect lyric is at least proof of the possibility.
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          • ...I Stand Corrected...


            • hello fellow readers,
              i just recently finished reading hol and am now working through my annotations to research specific pages in detail. right now i'm working on page 479, and even though this thread is years old, valid points never decrease.
              my thoughts now were this: we have two pages with two staffs. as the one on p. 479 plays "when johnny comes marching home", it should be about him, independent of him putting it there himself or whoever it was.
              at this point in the book johnny is still gone, after he says his 'goodbye' on p. 413. maybe that's why the staff on p. 478 is empty, to indicate his silence? after p. 479, johnny returns home, returns to the book, to the reader, to the unsettling comfort of the only place he can be his messed up self and we first hear from him again in the next chapter.

              it's currently 1 a.m., so i hope this makes sense, but that's the thought that struck me, while reading through these echo's in time.