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  • Codes for Dummies - *SPOILERS GALORE*

    As Ellimist suggested, here is a thread where we can put explanations for all the codes we have found so far. Let's keep it clear of discussion of the codes, at least to start with, and instead just have the codes themselves, their locations, how to decode them, etc.

    I'll start the ball rolling:

    Footnote 75, pages 64-67

    Take the first letter of each surname in the footnote, and write them down. The entire Footnote broken down this way yields some hidden words:


    The small "o"s are in red since they are not actually in the code, and need to be added in order to get the words. Additional "o"s may render additional hidden words throughout the rest of the footnote.

    The second of the sentences hidden seems to be a little strange, and may be read backwards, sort of, incorporating the last two words "you" and "who". It reads weird backwards, but sort of makes sense.

    Doing the same decoding for the forenames of each photographer does not render a code forwards or backwards, and reading the letters of the above code backwards renders no additional words (unless little "o"s are needed, which I have not checked).

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    December 24, 1988 (it's one of the additional Whalestoe Letters not available in of Leaves) on page 72

    "In losing your vision enlighten your own undertakings. In leaving our vision enlighten your own understanding"

    Spells out:

    I lyve you. I Love you.

    Not sure that the first sentence means anything though.

    Using the same decoding technique:

    Page 117, about halfway down the page, starting with "a wild ode" and ending with "inviting everyone's song"

    Spells out:

    a womaN Who will love my ironies

    Ang again, on page 387, halfway down,

    "That answers many yearnings remembered in sorrow"




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      Originally posted by hello?
      I lyve you. I Love you.

      Not sure that the first sentence means anything though.
      The OED has, for lyve, that it's an obscure spelling of LIEF, LIFE, and the verb form of LIVE.


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        wow...thanks you guys who spent your time doing this...its interesting to see what comes out of that twisted mind of still stuck decideing wiether or not to trust that these are truely ment to be there or not...


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          PAGE 633:

          halfway through the words (not the page, but actually count the number of words) using the traditional first letter of everyword thing, you get "LOVE"

          perhaps a "love is at the center of all this madness" bit.

          maybe its coincedence, maybe wishful thinking. who knows with this book.


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            Pg. 502: "Another holy Other lessens your great hold on slowing time."

            In Pelafina's code, this spells :A holy ghost


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              FYI: Note that this style of coding (first letters) is called Acrostics. Carry on.


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                wow, this is really fantastic.... I think the board has needed this for years.


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                  All Footnotes:

                  Take the first letter of each footnote, and the following emerges:


                  I will edit this one to show italicised footnotes, and also denote footnotes starting with a symbol rather than a number when I get the chance. As you can imagine, that involves a lot of code, and based on examination of the Word version of this Acrostic (cheers agrimorfee) suggests that there is nothing hidden further in this code.

                  The only other things of note (although only barely) are the word "STATE" four lines down, and almost the name "NAAOMI" three lines down.

                  Whether the word "FiST" at the end of the third line is related to MZD's foray into the porn industry will probably remain an evern greater mystery than the rest of the book.


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                    And of course, there's this acrostic on page 615, beginning with "many years":

                    my[ ]dEar[ ]zamp&no[ ]who[ ]did[ ]you[ ]lose?

                    The & is assumed to be an "a." Also, "did you" is separated from the rest of the message with dashes, perhaps just for the hell of it.

                    And on page 77:

                    "Where Have I Moved? What Have I Muttered? Who Have I Met?"

                    All spell "WHIM."

                    Oh yeah, and on the same page: "thinking, has another missing year resolved in song?"

                    spells thamyris.


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                      Page 117, about halfway down the page, starting with "a wild ode" and ending with "inviting everyone's song"

                      Spells out:

                      a womaN Who will love my ironies

                      And later on in the book, a band member makes the remark that he, "wonders if the guy ever found a woman to love his ironies" and Jonny comments that this would have taken some deep reading, etc...


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                        Beginning on page 97, chapter VIII is divided up into three sections:

                        The 1st contains 3 short passages,

                        the second section contains three long passages,

                        and the 3rd contains 3 short passages.

                        This, of course, makes the entire chapter spell out SOS in morse code.

                        It's not really well-hidden, though.

                        Each section also has SOS printed above it in dots and dashes. The letter represented by each section is prited in bold. So the first section of 3 short passages has ---...--- above it, and so on.

                        After that, there is a final section with "--..." above it.

                        As far as I can tell, this is morse code for the number 7.

                        And if you don't get the point by then, you get this explanation:

                        "Observe how Navidson alternates between [3] shots with short durations and three shots with longer durations. He begins with [3] quick angles of Reston, followed by three long shots of the living room (and these are in fact just that - long shots taken from the foyer), followed again by [3] short shots and so on."

                        Then, apparently, "SO?" is coded into the Navidson Record (page 103).

                        Expect for the fact that the essential question mark (..--..) is left out.

                        Johnny's footnotes contain morse code as well. Using the same long passage/short passage method described above, and using a new technique which separates letters with hollow dots, footnote 117 spells out FUCK.

                        At the end of the same footnote, Johnny says: "Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck you. Fuck me. Fuck this. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck." First 3 short, then three longer, then 3 short. SOS again!

                        I've also just noticed that beginning at footnote 110 and going to 115, 3 short notes and then 3 longer footnotes also spells "SO. I don't know what to do with the rest of the footnotes for this chapter, though. Do I treat Johnny's longer (much longer) footnotes as only one dash, even though they are subdivided into dots and dashes?

                        Finally, the last morse code I'll mention for now.

                        It occupies footnote 119, in response to "SO?"

                        Once again, it is split up into dashes and dots using long and short passages, separated by dots. Once again, letters are separated by hollow dots. This time the code is a bit longer than three letters.

                        It goes: long short short short / short short long/ long/ long/ long long long/ long short/ short short short, which spells out BUTTONS. You, know, like "so what?" "sew buttons." You spend what seems like forever decoding it, and that's what you get.

                        Anyway, that's all I've found.

                        Anyone got anything else for this chapter?


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                          Originally posted by hello?
                          Anyone got anything else for this chapter?
                          Not really, but there are several references to SOS elsewhere in the book. I won't list them all here, but certainly in the Atrocity footnote it is a feature.

                          Also, as I mentioned in this thread, there is another SOS in the Whalestoe Letters (in one of the 'previously unavailable' letters). And, as mentioned in this thread, the song Help! by the Beatles features prominently throughout the book.
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                            Morse Code

                            Okay, I'm not too good with the whole Morse Code thing, but I tried going through Zampano's writing in chapter VIII, and decoding morse code found in the size of the paragraphs between the dots. (ie the first paragraph is a long one, and is followed by a dot, therefore the first letter is -, or T in morse code). I haven't really found anything yet, and this attempt is made difficult in that there's no way to really determine whether a paragraph is long or short. I would have given up on this query, except for the previous comments about the number 7. On page 101, the first five paragraphs (which exist between the dots) obviously count as two long, three short. (- - . . . ) (7!). I was going to figure in the checkmark at the bottom corner of page 97 to this decoding, but all I've been able to come up with is jibberish: (THA OJ7 AST MF), or variations on that theme which make about the same amount of sense. I have a feeling this is a wild goose chase, but that number 7 keeps bothering me.

                            Perhaps someone else could try this too and see if they can find anything...I don't seem to be having much success.


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                              Re: Morse Code


                              Have we found anything new?