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  • Johnny Truant Missing

    Hello, everyone. This is my first post here and I'm kind excited to be sharing this detail that I noticed when I first read the book. I have searched multiple forums and platforms and couldn't find anything regarding it, which surprised me. Anyways, at the end of Chapter 9 on page 151, The Editors attached an email from a girl who Johnny had an encounter with named Hailey. The email came after the first edition of the book was released and at the end of the email, Hailey mentions how Johnny had went missing: "I was sorry to hear he disappeared. Do you know what happened to him? -Hailey, February 13th, 1999."

    When I first read this passage, I absolutely lost it. Johnny Truant went missing after everything with The Navidson Record? Of course, this could have happened at any point before February 1999 but the fact that people are still asking about him by that time indicates that he may still have been evading the public eye.

    What are you guys' thoughts on this? Do you think people thought he "disappeared" simply because he went homeless, or do you think something more sinister is going on?

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    I think there’s three main possibilities.
    1. He’s evading the public eye and has storm-proofed his living area. (heh.)
    2. He found the .
    3. Now this one is a little more involved, but it stems from the screenplays that MZD released a bit ago. Maybe Eddie finally caught up with him. It would make sense as to why Mélisande hasn’t seen Johnny for forever and why Eddie can now focus his attention on her.
    Personally, I doubt he’s homeless. Zampanò wrote to give all proceeds from the book to whoever finds & publishes it, and we know the book gains at least a little traction, so...

    Either way, it’s fun to think about