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  • Benvenuti

    Congratulations to you all old posters... If y'all start a thread obviouly designed for Italians readers with some kind of kindergarden fights like "I' m the new poster, blah-blah-blah-" they might feel impressed and out of place....

    I mean, when I first post eighteen months ago on the French forum, I was rather shy and tried to focus on the book. I have been glad to get answers from Nash to g@rp or even Fats ....

    I think it's a little bit early for di Foglie to be open....the book went out in Italy just for a month (or even less !) and the " di Foglie" forum should be at least opened by Italians or an Italian-speaker....and let it build by Italians fans.

    Thanks a lot. Or,


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    Sì, sono d'accordo. Complimenti per questo nuovo 'thread' (filo?).

    Centauro, tu ce l'hai già la di foglie, vero? Forse potremmo parlare un po' delle variazioni fra delle edizioni del libro. Lo so che tu e g@rp avete già cominciato di paragonare la versione italiana all'originale ed al francese. Ti va di delinearle qui? Purtroppo non ho avuto l'occasione di procurarmene un esempio.

    Quindi, avanti! E auguri a tutti quanti che ci vengono dall'Italia. Siete al posto giusto.


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      It's gonna be difficult for me to type in Italian, even if I live closer to Itally than Bogota I understand italian but can't write it. So...

      First af all, in la di foglie : no link to the forum.
      Secondly, is not in blue font (so it will probably appear strange to the future italian members to see typed automatically in blue, here). In their book, is typed in Gothic. Sometimes, too.
      And no Index.
      And a lot of books and articles in the footnotes seemed to have been translated (in the French Version, they hadn't).
      And at last : three translators, instead of a single one for the French Version...This let us evaluate the amount of work that Claro has done.


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        Is Strade blu the publisher or something else?


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          Yes. Or a division of Mondadori, il i believe the front cover. [edit : Strade blu seems to be a "collection" -- "collana" in italian -- of Mondadori editor.]

          Something else which appears a little bit strange to me. But i've not check the original version.

          Footnote 5 : ...le note di Mr Truant saranno in Courier [that's OK] e quelle di Zampano in Palatino
          Was it the same in of leaves ?
          Maybe i've not payed attention during my first reading of HOL...


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            No, in the original, Zampanò's text appears in Times.


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              Thanks, fearful. Sometimes my memory...

              Well, others difference btw di foglie, of leaves et la des feuilles :

              #1 : chapter VIII p. 165 : no mark at the bottom at the page (see VO p 97, and VF p.98 )

              #2 : chapter XV Trascrizione parziale di Alcune Opinioni di Karen Green : p.362 Una Poetessa [...] Poeta instead of : A Poe t, 21 [...] Poe t p 360 (same in VF p 369).

              #3 : chapter XX p 540 : Nessuno dovrebbe affrontare l'aldilà da solo Edgar A. Poe and braille on two columns, instead of No one should brave the underworld alone -- Poe and braille on a single column (VO p 423 and VF p 436)

              It seems that the translators didn't even know the name of MZD's sister or don't check the link. Moreover, they even didn't check for Edgar Allan Poe words before giving him the patternity (is that word correct ?) of the sentence in chapter XX :x

              #4 : Pelafina famous letter (september 88, 18 ) : there's a coma after each Johnny in la di foglie.

              And, as i said before (here or on the French side) no Index, no Note On This Edition, and the Editors are reduced to a "Director" and after, to a simple NdR

              And the book seems to be in a quite pocket format, which explains his more than 800 pages.

              And last but not the least, , , ar not in blue but in gothic, even Domus.


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                Buongiorno tutti,

                Non posso parlare bene italiano pero vedo que cui si parla in inglese, alora faccio come vuoi...

                No Index, but an "indice" (=summary no ?).

                Manuel Scalia made the art cover of Di Foglie, and for the french version there's Eric Scala... Who for the american one ?


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                  US: Cover design by Eric Fuentecilla
                  UK: Cover photography by Mark Pennington


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                    Same reaction on "Indice" and Index. Oh, and about the DNE thing, the only way to find it in La is to look for the True North which become...ND


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                      Forget something : sometimes you find the word Interview (talking about Reston the Interview) and sometimes intervista about ultima intervista i.e The last interview.

                      Strange translations indeed...


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                        buongiorno a tutti!
                        scusatemi se il mio eloquio vi parrà poco consono al luogo, ma è la prima volta che partecipo a un forum e mi sento un po' disorientato...
                        non so neanche se mi trovo nel posto giusto... d'altra parte, quando lo si sa?
                        il fatto è che ho letto avidamente di foglie e dal momento che in italia ancora in pochi lo hanno fatto è difficile trovare qualcuno con cui parlarne e scambiare opinioni...

                        well... i know italian is a beautiful language, but obviously i don't pretend to be understood here... i only hope so!
                        i'm afraid my english isn't enough rich to carry on philosophical or literary conversations but i think i can try to understand... so feel free to write me in english! thanks


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                          Non ti preoccupare; se c'è qualcosa che ti confonde (ed immagino che ce ne siano tante), non hesitare a chiederci d'aiuto. Il foro italiano non è molto vivace al momento, quindi mi sa che farebbe bene cominciare un po' di discorso sul libro stesso.

                          Intanto se te la cavi coll'inglese (e pare così), ci sono diversi 'links' qui sotto.



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                            ciao a tutti,
                            and many thanks to f_s for the welcome...
                            i begin yesterday to read the incredibly big and interesting discussion about HOL, so i'm naturally not ready yet to discuss about denielewsky's cosmos (maybe all the things i'd like to ask or say have been discussed enough!).
                            but i can give some little info about the italian edition of HOL.

                            di foglie
                            First edition: october 2005
                            Publisher: Arnoldo Mondadori, Milano
                            Collana: Strade blu
                            ISBN: 88-04-52694-7
                            Cover design: Malleus Rock Art Lab (see: ; Manuele Scalia is the graphic designer of the book for the "collana", not the artist of the cover)
                            Pages: 816

                            It's a softcover edition without any color printing and with "gothic" character for all the words meaning "" (domus, , , , ...)

                            unfortunately i don't have yet one of the US hardcover editions so i'm afraid i can't appreciate a lot of "details"...

                            anyway many thanks to g@rp for solving the mistery of p. 462 (about the translation of "A Poe t" in "Una poetessa"; i didn't know MZD had a sister with that name and the presence of the generic expression "una poetessa. ventun anni" sounded strange in a long list of precise names and quotations)

                            about the translation of the essays in the notes:
                            even i can't explain why some titles have been translated and others not. but i think i can contact one of the translators and ask him



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                              Originally posted by Dandelion
                              many thanks to g@rp for solving the mistery of p. 462 (about the translation of "A Poe t" in "Una poetessa"
                              You're welcome (for that, and aboard !)

                              About the translations of the essays in the notes, in the French Version, Claro (translator) added a kind of warning : he only translated essays titles every time this won't present any "danger"...