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  • The Interruption

    zabnousklidenyhavam mayanixiesnasohliktaratid
    This seemingly random string of letters might not be so random. Letter frequency analysis suggests that it might be an enciphered message.

    Based on the letter frequency analysis I have worked out a possible partial solution. Kind of stuck at the moment. Might have gotten something wrong somewhere.

    With the unsolved parts in parenthesis, this is what I've found:

    Vex (nous) with smug eyen neuem (ixi) some of git wae death.

    Solution meanings

    eyen: archaic for eyes

    neuem: German for anew

    git: British for a foolish or worthless person

    wae: Scottish for woe or sorrow


    nous: French for us

    The inconsistency with using both ciphered and unciphered parts and the second half not flowing very well makes me wonder though.

    On the other hand, there is the orphan's names.

    Ezade: Persian for freedom. (Persia is an archaic name for Iran)

    Sithis: British translator Wycliff used the word sithis for seven.

    Tarff: Common Scottish name.

    Micit: French for siesmicity.

    Leaving only German and Iniedia unmatched and the ixi unexplained.
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    Why do you only have one Z, instead of the opening seven?


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      If it is an enciphered message, the z's would all be the same letter so it would be like the speaker was stretching it out. But for frequency analysis the z's would only represent one letter of a word. Counting all the z's would skew the analysis.


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        Well what did it sound like on the night?


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          IT WAS MUSIC. A few notes.
          What was it, Heartbreak? Beethoven's Fifth?
          I asked Mark why he took it out, to which he said, "like the Sword that is longer than a sky, it is too difficult to wield."
          I made a face at him and grumbled "I guess.."


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            I don't know. It didn't sound like anything I recognized. Just a jumble of notes.

            Classic MZD response.

            Edit: Then again it might have been some form of Bee's 5th. I wasn't listening to the music to closely, it kind of took a background seat to the voices.
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