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    i briefly searched for any prior mention of something about this, but couldn't find anything. (however, if someone can direct me to the appropriate existing thread, that would be awesome!)

    so there is clearly somethin' real crazy going on on page 50, what with 50 seemingly random characters divided equally in half by a space. mzd mentions that anything outside of quotations must be something added by the editor (or whomever the overseeing voice/eyes of the story may be), so for such an odd array of characters to appear at a relatively random moment (aside from appearing on the 50th page) is peculiar.

    thanks dudes.

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    Hi there.

    There was a little mention of it early on, but I don't think anyone ever came to any conclusions about it.


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      My main concern with this line is how it's going to be said during the theatrical version of this book.


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        I think there must be a link to the pages.

        the first 7 letters are "Z"s. The first 7 pages don't have any story on them.

        Also, he signs with Zs at the front, though they're not actually included in the print. I still can't figure out a concrete connection to each page though, but judging by the fact that it's in the middle and the numbers correlate, that seems the most logical to me. Maybe it's meant to be a stitch in an otherwise cut book?