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  • Purchasing T50YS

    Okay, I understand we're not going to be able to edit posts here in this forum, but I wanted to bring over the work that Merouda and I posted in the of Leaves forum for those that are interested in purchasing the book in English or Dutch (or both):

    There may be additional posts here if the book becomes available from other means.

    Go to and select Netherlands as your home country.

    The page for the English T50YS on is here.

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    I can't quite get my address to look right on the address confirmation page... that is, it seems to want to put my state twice, and all the numbers and place names are reversed. Will this be a problem? Do they have people to correct these things?


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      I'm not certain about your state being listed twice, but the number is reversed in my address as well. That should be fine.



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        For US orders... the currency is changed automatically?

        29.90 EUR = 35.3165 USD


        Then the shipping to the US is about 17 euro...

        17.00 EUR = 20.0796 USD

        So... about $55? Did I get that right?


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          Yeah, it'll get to you. My address looks just like it did when I ordered a CD from Sweden and that got to me just fine.

          And if you charged the book at today's exchange rates, $55.40. You might be charged for some conversion fees, too. Depends on the credit card company. You know, unless you didn't charge it.


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            Thought I should be nice and welcome you aboard Dookama, and I will see you in the chat room.
            Hope to hear many good things from you and dont be afraid to post!!


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              :? Damn... 30 euro. I could've gotten the book at his reading for 20 euro
              but didn't have enough money on me. Would've been signed too... :-/
              Anyway, guess I'll have to get my ass to Fnac later on today...


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                Does anyone know if this will work for Canadian orders? I just feel a little intimidated ordering from a site where I can't read a single word .

                One copy just went for $430US, I was going to bid, but.. went for a touch more than I thought!

                $50 for the book almost sounds too good to be true? Any thoughts?


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                  Originally posted by underscore
                  Does anyone know if this will work for Canadian orders?
                  Sure, why not?


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                    I think that's the most confusing order form I've ever filled out, hah! almost like going through a labyrinth... I recommend having babelfish up to assist with some of the pages.

                    My address was a little displaced as well, nowhere does it say "po box" just the actual box #... I've had this before and the package got through without a problem.

                    excuse me while I watch my mailbox.....


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                      :) Got my copy today at Fnac... 25 euro.


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                        i just ordered my copy. after an hour of staring at a foreign language! :) great directions though, i think everything worked out the way you described. does anyone know how long it takes for shipping? if i read it correctly it looks as though it will take 2-3 weeks.


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                          It's backordered, so it'll take a few weeks for them to get more copies, then after that a week/week and a half to go through the mail.


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                            I imagine with only 1,000 copies printed it's not going to be available much longer. Are there no plans for further printing, or, has it been said that there will only be 1,000 printed?


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                              Only a 1000 copies? You Sure?