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What really happened that October night?

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  • What really happened that October night?

    „perhaps altogether alternate history of one October evening in East Texas. – MD“

    In a video posted recently by MicheleVR5, Mark answers (actually, repeats an older answer) about T50YS and the subject of self-harm. He hints for a more adult version of the story - "we know that we will never know the origin". „What really happens to Belina Kite, when you look closely and you think about where Belinda's cuts are.“

    So let’s speculate. Belinda’s cuts are – everywhere. But if the subject of self-harm is important, let’s assume that the real cuts are the ones that affect her wrists.

    Sword that affects people later, is of course, a metaphor for a word, a line, a toxic comment someone said to us and we feel it much later or has a much langer consequences than intended (the other MZD approved interpretation is: an act, that seems small but has large consequences, like all the acts that lead to climate change – One sword will kill a season, the color green).

    So what I think happened is: Chintana said something to Belinda Kite that evening, or maybe before, probably related to the harvester, something so small, she don’t even see the cut, meaning she doesn't remember it (“a memory which would have outlived you” is what the Story Teller has to give up in order to get his sword - and it's a butterfly). The number of cuts is maybe indicative of the number of times someone said to Belinda something like that (I guess a lot of people hated her – her whole life, fifty years). Chintana doesn’t remember the cut but she knows she feels the hate ("only infliction promised her peace") so of course when Belinda tries to kill herself, Chintana feels guilt, rushes towards her and tries to save her.

    What do you think?

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    Since watching the video I've been wanting to reread T50YS. I vaguely remember getting the impression that Belinda had slept with Chintana's husband (or something similar maybe it was vice versa). Without a re-read and coupled with what MZD said on the subject, I'm leaning towards Chintana forgetting her pain and forgiving Belinda and that is how she stitched her up and saved her.