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    This is going to be a thread about the exhibition "Auf Leben und Tod" (Do or Die) at Wallraf-Richartz Museum in Cologne which contains a hommage to " of Leaves"

    The exhibition is an interplay between painting (old masters) and modern photography, casting a view on human life from birth to death. The images are installed on dark brown background in an abstract kind of trompe l’œil which expands the room into an additional dimension.

    Towards the end of the exhibition, right before old age and death, there is a room of its own room called " of Leaves". It contains photography that somehow can be looked at as related to HoL: A staircaise looking like covered with human skin, a transforming face covered with mud, a blurred human shape at a window frame, a Rorschach face, two eyes in the darkness, and more. Some of the pictures are described in the accompanying catalogue. This catalogue also has a chapter that explains how the room bigger in the inside than the ouside went into the exhibition concept, via the trompe l'oeil.

    Cologne is full of the debris of history. Whenever one plans to build a right in the center of the town one will have a good chance to strike the relics of ancient Roman to medieval buildings that are witness of the history of the town - and those relics often are integrated into the new architecture. The same with Wallfraf-Richartz Museum whose new locations (2001) also were built on archeologically relevant ground. Accordingly the room which is sort of the centre of the exhibition, " of Leaves", contains the " of the red door" which has been a pest in the 13th century. The relics form sort of an entrance which can be an allusion to the entrance to the very .

    The exhibition catalogie is devided in a text part and an image part, the latter opened with the words "This is for you", written in red Courier font.

    I think "This is for you" is reason enough not to post the exhibition thread in the HoL-forums but exactly here, at the other side of the .
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    This might be difficult without pictures...

    Am I right to assume that as an art installation, no pics/cameras allowed? (I don't visit many of these. )


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      Maybe this will do.


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        Excellent and super creepy!



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          Yes - very nice, thanks for that look in.

          Was that a picture of Ra-ra with the camera? It would seem to follow...


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            She must have been in Cologne then, too, because as one can see the photograph was taken on the x-ray luggage conveyor on Cologne airport. There are more cosy ways to get into an exhibition.