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Making sure we see more of The Familiar—letter writing campaign to Pantheon

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  • Making sure we see more of The Familiar—letter writing campaign to Pantheon


    If you're unaware, Pantheon Publishing is currently evaluating sales figures of The in order to make assessments about moving forward with the series. While we've been told all along the publisher bought 10 volumes, that doesn't mean we're assured to see those 10, much less books 11-27--in fact, things look especially dire for the continuation past "Season Two."

    This is why I believe the time is upon us to make waves with Pantheon, and make sure our voices are heard, not with just our dollars--surely, share the wealth and buy a copy of Vol. 1 (or the whole set!) for your friends this gift-giving season--but also with a letter-writing campaign to the publisher demanding we get more of The .

    The fervor of this fanbase should be heard at the Pantheon offices, so I suggest everyone take the time out to write about what a profound affect MZD's books have had on you, and about how wonderful The is in particular.

    Mailed letters will have the most significant and visceral impact, to be sure, so here is the address to the publisher:

    Pantheon Books

    1745 Broadway

    New York, NY 10019 USA

    Here's an email address I found on their site to reach out, too, but again, mailing one letter will be worth 1,000 emails:

    pantheonpublicity@random<img src="ht...ineimg" />.com

    Make sure your letters are courteous and gracious, but don't relent in letting Pantheon know what a mistake it would be for them to lapse on seeing The to its natural conclusion.

    Also, write reviews on Goodreads, share pictures and quotes from the book on your Facebook or Instagram pages. Bang the drum. Spread the word. For those of us who have fallen in love with this series, we need to do what we can now to ensure we get to see it go on.

    The cat is calling, will we be there to save it?