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Synsnap, Senex, The Mayor, and ZSL

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  • Synsnap, Senex, The Mayor, and ZSL

    So in TF3.602 we have the lecture from the Dutch doctor Klief Schocken. He discusses synsnap (or syntax or synthia). But I'm more interested in his nationality. In TF4.365 we learn that the Netherlands (Hades?) is "one node of origin for a very dangerous product with rapidly expanding distribution" I can't help but think this "product" is what Schocken was lecturing about. We also get a nice resonance between Cynthia of TF4 and the Synthia mentioned in Schocken's lecture in TF3.

    Now all this talk of distribution in The Mayor section reminded me of the Senex section in TF4.338. This section has the board saying "nothing from production to delivery has been interrupted". Also of note is the ethnicity of the board members. Most appear to be Asian which fits with Schocken's lecture when he mentions "trials in the 1960s, early 70s. DARPA. ZSL. Facilities in Bern, Rio, and Singapore". Remember ZSL is the large company run by the late Zhong Sim Lin.

    So it seems that synsnap is now being produced in the Netherlands after being developed world wide by military corporate interest. And that now this is all over seen by a cabal headed by Senex who was kept perpetually young as long as the cat wasn't entangled anew.

    This links I'm sure run deeper and I think that Cynthia, who was described and behaved much like Xanther, will play a larger role in destroying or expanded the reach of this group.

    Oh last note: anyone notice that Senex red ring seems to keep his hand from withering and aging. It could just be how it was illustrated but the hand sure looks unaffected.