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  • Connotation : Con Notation

    There are unanswerable questions.
    There are answerable questions.

    What is the last digit of pi?
    What is the color of god's eye?

    Which is which?
    Godel's Incomplete Theorem:
    We can know that somethings will remain unprovable
    But we can't know which they are.

    The is god.
    The is the abyss.
    The abyss is everything that is unknown
    And the devil is in the details.

    The sun is pulled across the sky in a fiery chariot?
    The sun is a ball of burning gasses that this chunk of rock goes round?

    Beware all that enter
    To seek out details in the unknown
    You may despair and lose hope in your endeavor
    All on your own.

    Add to that those that suppose you consort with the devil.
    They must oppose.

    So it goes.