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"This Is Your Library" Event - March 10 in Los Angeles

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  • "This Is Your Library" Event - March 10 in Los Angeles

    "This is Your Library"

    Featuring six-time NBA World Champion and vegan John Salley, actor and Dexter's latest serial killer Colin Hanks, design maven and creator of Unique LA Sonja Rasula, and the acclaimed author of of Leaves Mark Z. Danielewski in conversation with host Justin Veach.

    Plus special musical guests The Dead Ships, dublab djs, and Brett Farkas and the Library All Star Band (aka Boyz Skule) and food by Homegirl Cafe, all at the historic Los Angeles Central Library, downtown. DJs, conversation, live bands, bar, and librarians, too. It's your library, afterhours.


    • $15 General Admission

    • $10 Young Literati & Library Foundation Members

    Central Library's Mark Taper Auditorium
    630 West Fifth Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90071

    Saturday, March 10, 2012

    7 p.m. Doors Open
    8 p.m. Conversation
    10 p.m. Band

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    Just an observation here. Why are vegans always identified as such? It’s like ‘Nobel Prize Winner’ so and so or ‘X time Grammy winning recording artist’ such and such. John Sally, vegan will be appearing. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything against vegans. My girlfriend is vegan, which makes me about 40% vegan, solely by proximity. And I certainly don’t have any bones to pick with Spider Sally, who brought much joy to my childhood in the form of two NBA championships and a number of those early 90s cartoonish t-shirts where the guys have huge heads and tiny bodies. But do vegans really bring out the A-listers or something? Or is it some sort of upmarket social cue to anyone who may be weighing the pros and cons of attendance that there will be plant based food on offer, perhaps even as the only option? Maybe it’s used to appeal to some sense of nobility. Like veganism is a badge of courage or something. Anyone that can resist the mass media’s meaty assault surely deserves our support, however token. We should go.

    In my experience though, being identified as vegan tends to solicit awkward looks from servers or concern for the herbivore’s health as much as it does intelligent conversation about the finer points of veganism, or the reasons why a person might choose to not eat animal products. Most people would rather not think about, much less discuss, any of the negative aspects of something they were brought up to consider as normal. Well, not just normal. Healthy even. Maybe Spider will get the conversation going after everyone takes down their burgers.

    Anyway, sounds like a cool event. I’d go if I lived in LA, but alas.


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      Archive video is now available. MZD's segment starts at 1:29:15.

      The interviewer was the Gravedigger for last October's production of T50YS.

      Sadly, Mark is inaudible for the start of the story for The .
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        Ok I haven't finished watching it yet, just started actually but I gotta comment: Stray Cat Strut, well played.