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    so ive been listening to this band for a while now. they are kinda hitting the popular music radar and its a good thing. wonderful musicians, incredable songwriting, and just overall good band.

    anyway, come to find out, theres a story to their music. the name of the band (coheed and cambria) is the names of two parents with 4 kids (the singer of the band being one of them). the bands music chronicles the story of the parents and kids (who all eventually die, except the lead singers character, in some galatic war that gets started cuz the dad gets turned into some monster).

    the keen thing is, the whole story hasnt been told yet. its still being written and parts are being released as CD's, but out of order. part two and three have been released, with parts four and one to be released later on, followed by a comic book/graphic novel.

    why do you care? just thought you might like it. its pretty HOL esque right now, in that noone really has much of a clue whats going on, they just have the shell of the story that they've been able to puzzle out through clues in the songs, and what the band has publicly released.

    check it out if you feel the urge, its pretty damn good music either way.

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    Weren't they on tour w/AFI?


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      Coheed & Cambria are my favorite band, and actually i just saw them saturday. Here's a picture for proof:

      Anyway, i was sad to learn that the comic wasn't done quite in time for me to buy it at warped tour, but i talked to Claudio (lead singer, kicks ass, awesome hair) and he told me that it would be out soon and will be available to order online.

      I've been hearing rumors over at the COCA boards that each comic will only cover a very small portion of each album, and there will be a total of 30 comics in all. They say the first comic will cover "Time Consumer" and half of "Devil in Jersey City" from Second Stage Turbine Blade.

      I hate to seem like a prick, but i know way too much about the COCA story and the band itself, so i'd love to answer any questions.

      Either way, listen to these guys, you won't regret it.


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        This does sound cool. I downloaded a few of their songs and am going to listen to their music until I at least learn to appreciate it (this is possible witih any kind of music, all it takes is patience). So far, I don't think the music itself is anything too special... the few songs I've heard, anyway. It seems like a cut above your average emo-rock, but the concept of telling a story about intergalactic war over the course of four albums is cool enough to redeem this.

        Anyone else dig up any neat music that experiments with different concepts and whatnot? The only other thing that comes to mind for me right now is Poe's Haunted, in that it's a companion piece to of Leaves. Belle and Sebastian seem to have some kind of backstory going on in their music, though I couldn't tell you what it is.


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          I didnt know anything like that about C&C's name. Very cool....yeah I love their music also....I love listening to them in the car....every song seems like they're telling a story. anyways, very cool, i shall check it out.