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    How to Make Anything Signify Anything

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    Interesting read.

    Make anything signify anything. The root of all language formation.


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        Very cool. Thanks for the link fearful.


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          Awhile ago I was playing around a bit and wrote the following. Thought some of you might find it interesting.

          If you can read this
          then you can read this:

          If yuo cna raed tihs
          tehn yuo cna raed tihs:

          If you can rbad this
          thbn you can rbad this:

          If you cgn rbgd this
          thbn you cgn rbgd this:

          If ypu cgn rbgd this
          thbn ypu cgn rbgd this:

          If ypv cgn rbgd this
          thbn ypv cgn rbgd this:

          Wf ypv cgn rbgd thws
          thbn ypb cgn rbgd thws:

          Wt rbglly dpbsn't mgttbr whgt thb symbpls grb
          gs lpng gs ypv grb gblb tp gsspcwgtb thbm wwth
          spmbthwng ypv grb fgmwlwgr wwth. Whwch ws whgt ypv
          bssbntwglly dp whbn ypv grb rbgdwng gnythwng.
          Gsspcwgtwng spvnds wwth symbpls, gnd strwngs pf symbpls
          wwth mbgnwngs. Ypv've jvst hgd ybgrs pf prgctwce sp
          rbgdwng dpbsn't sbbm lwkb wt tgkbs gnythwng gt gll, bvt
          rbglly wt ws np dwffbrbnt thgn rbgdwng thws pgrggrgph. Wt
          jvst mwght tgkb g lwttle lpngbr tp rblgte thb symbpls tp
          thbwr gsspcwgtwpns. Bvbn whbn spmb symbpls mwght hgvb mprb
          thgn pnb gsspcwgtwpn wb grb stwll gblb tp rbgd wt, gnd
          vndbrstgnd, gt lbgst pn spmb lbvbl.


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            My simple mind is blown!


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              "If u cn rd ths..."
              ~James Gleick, The Information


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                Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.