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How will you die?

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    I think I wont do the test because this would really scare me but I know a friend of mine will love this. Will share it with him.


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      How will I die?
      Your Result: You will die while saving someone's life.
      The most noble of all deaths. Your rewards will be great in the next life. You are most definitely a humanitarian. If not currently, you will be. To give one's life is a precious moment that will be remembered by friends and family for many decades.
      Result Breakdown:
      81% You will die while saving someone's life.
      72% You will die in your sleep.
      65% You will die from a terminal illness.
      51% You will die in a nuclear holocaust.
      42% You will die of boredom.
      35% You will die while having sex.
      34% You will die in a car accident.
      20% You will be murdered.

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