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MZD and Biffy Clyro "Liner Notes" Charity Event - March 2 in LA

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  • MZD and Biffy Clyro "Liner Notes" Charity Event - March 2 in LA

    This is an intimate venue so tickets will go fast . . .

    Direct link to tickets:

    Mark Z. Danielewski & Biffy Clyro Co-Headline SPIN, Skylight Books and Bootleg Theater Benefit for Homeboy Industries March 2 in LA

    Acclaimed author Mark Z. Danielewski and breakthrough U.K. rock band Biffy Clyro will co-headline Liner Notes, a one-of-a-kind event at Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles on Wednesday March 2, 2011, to explore the cross-pollination of music and literature while raising money for Homeboy Industries. Presented by SPIN, Skylight Books and Bootleg Theater, the event will feature performances by Biffy Clyro, readings by Danielewski and an audience Q&A session to examine how Danielewski’s 2006 novel Only Revolutions inspired the band’s 2009 album of the same name. Biffy Clyro and Danielewski will sign limited edition posters, books and CDs following the event.

    All ticket and poster sale proceeds will benefit Homeboy Industries, a Los Angeles-based non-profit that has helped at-risk and former gang-involved youth become contributing members of our community through a variety of services in response to their multiple needs for more than 20 years. Free programs– including counseling, education, tattoo removal, job training and job placement– enable young people to redirect their lives and provide them with hope for their futures. More information is available at

    "We are over the moon to be sharing a stage with Mr. Danielewski,” Biffy Clyro frontman Simon Neil says. “He is my favorite author. He completely changed my view of what a novel could be and what it could achieve. All of his work has influenced and inspired our music but Only Revolutions has the most explicit influence. His approach to his art has taught us so much about creativity, evolving, revolving, patience and quality over quantity, and his approach to beard-play is similar to our own face fuzz. Basically we're very very excited.”

    "There are two occasions I will always remember with a great deal of affection: hearing my sister Poe's 'Angry Johnny' and Biffy Clyro's 'Mountains' for the first time on the radio," Danielewski says. "There's no greater compliment or privilege than having the chance to participate in a dialogue spoken almost exclusively through creative works. Or as Simon would have it: sung. And Simon is right. Singing is better. At least I prefer it that way. Especially if he's singing."

    The Liner Notes series, created and spearheaded by writer and music journalist Emily Zemler, aims to highlight the influence of literature on music, promote literacy, foster a love of reading among music fans and raise money for local nonprofit organizations. This is the fifth Liner Notes event and the first in Los Angeles. Past events have featured collaborations by Tegan Quin and Augusten Burroughs, Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman, Salman Rushdie and Dredg, and Ben Folds and Nick Hornby.

    Mark Z. Danielewski is the author of the best-selling novels of Leaves (2000) and Only Revolutions (2006), a finalist for the National Book Award. On Halloween 2010, Danielewski “conducted” two live readings of his rare novella The Fifty Year Sword (2005) at Walt Disney Concert Hall’s REDCAT Theater. He is currently working on The , a 27-volume project about a 12-year-old girl who finds a kitten. Learn more about Danielewski via his Facebook and Twitter pages, or visit

    A ten-year overnight success in their native U.K., Biffy Clyro formed in 1995 and quickly began honing their unique sound, a mind-boggling mix of off-kilter tempos, itchy, unpredictable guitars, soulful choruses and feral screams. Relentless touring built a dedicated army of followers and turned Biffy Clyro into one of the most celebrated live bands in the U.K.– they filled Wembley Arena on a recent headlining run and became the first band ever to play in the s of Parliament. Their fifth studio release, the Garth Richardson-produced Only Revolutions, has spawned three Top Ten singles in the U.K. and is well on its way to being certified double-platinum there. Biffy is currently nominated for a Brit Award for Best British Group and two NME Awards
    for Best Live Band and Best British Group. They will be touring in the US through the spring, including a show at Los Angeles’ The Troubadour on March 1. For more information please visit

    SPIN is a cross-platform media company and the premiere resource for music discovery. Since 1985, the award-winning SPIN magazine has given the first national exposure to many of history’s most important cutting-edge recording artists, while vividly documenting the trends and scenes that have shaped the worlds of rock, pop, and hip-hop. The robust website features unique daily content, including breaking news, reviews, and free downloads.

    Skylight Books is an airy, open store—with a tree, a cat and, yes, a skylight—that s an eclectic collection of fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and children’s books. Just over two years ago, Skylight expanded into the storefront next door, moving the art, photography, architecture, design, film, theater, music, graphic novel, and magazine sections into the new space. Skylight's author readings and special events are quite famous, and recent in-store events have included David Mitchell, Dave Eggers, Patti Smith, Daniel Clowes, and other high-profile novelists, graphic novelists, and nonfiction writers.

    Bootleg is a 1930’s ware and a home for Los Angeles artists who work in theater, music, dance and film. Bootleg provides artistic support and production resources to help these artists create original and daring interdisciplinary work. Combining art forms creates work that is surprising, unexpected, exciting and reflective of life in Los Angeles, a city where the boundaries are elastic, and not bound by tradition. Bootleg offers Los Angeles a celebration of itself.

    SPIN, Skylight Books and Bootleg Theater Present
    Liner Notes with Mark Z. Danielewski and Biffy Clyro
    Wednesday, March 2, 2011
    Doors 7 p.m.
    Show 7:30 p.m.
    2220 Beverly Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90057
    $25 for general admission seats
    Tickets are on-sale now online at in person at Skylight Books at 1818 N. Vermont Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90027

    SPIN Article:

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    This is really cool. Wish I could be there.


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      Same here !


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        It would be cool if Biffy Clyro weren't a repugnant puddle of purple piss.


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          Originally posted by consider us dead
          It would be cool if Biffy Clyro weren't a repugnant puddle of purple piss.
          Originally posted by Slow Dog Noodle
          I hate ... Biffy Clyro
          I must be missing something. Their music isn't bad...


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            Originally posted by Ellimist
            I must be missing something. Their music isn't bad...
            I think the thing you are missing is musical taste......... Oooooooooh bitch.

            They used to be listenable (Infinity Land had a couple of good songs - "No such thing as a jaggy snake" for example) but now they seem to spew out radio friendly dull burps.

            They're a boring live act as well.


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              O I C.


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                Originally posted by Ellimist
                I must be missing something. Their music isn't bad...
                My post was based solely on his picture. Never heard of the guy. But I stand by my initial rash, off the cuff judgment 100%.


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                  I went. Enjoyed it.

                  Something's been bugging me, though. At the end of the performance it sounded like Simon [Biffy Clyro frontman] said they were working on a collaboration, MZD's words and their music, and I think he called it "ZZ Christ" and MZD added that it was about the last nurse alive after the apocalypse, or something... The more I try to remember it and find evidence that it actually occurred, the more I fear the possibility that I dreamed it. Doesn't it just sound like some of the crazy shit I hear in my dreams? It does.

                  Can anyone confirm that they actually did discuss such a collaboration? Did they say when we could expect to hear it? Better yet, did anyone record the final moments onstage? This is driving me nuts.


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                    Originally posted by hello? View Post
                    Can anyone confirm that they actually did discuss such a collaboration? Did they say when we could expect to hear it? Better yet, did anyone record the final moments onstage? This is driving me nuts.
                    Someone did mention this on Twitter. They only said they were looking forward to "hearing what Simon mentioned at the end soon," no other details.

                    Unfortunately, I didn't save any tweets from that night, and I can't believe it's been over a week since the event already.

                    poster posted by the designer
                    random KUSC sound byte
                    SPIN Magazine status/Twitpic
                    SPIN post-show writeup and pictures
                    review and a couple of videos

                    There was one other photo posted to Twitter that night that I can't find.

                    I don't feel like making another thread about it, but Mark apparently had a huge birthday bash this year...
                    some notes on it with pics of the
                    tweet and followup


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                      Thank you! I just needed to be reassured that I'm not crazy. How did you find the relevant tweets and blogs? Are you just connected to people who are connected? Or are my googling skills just sub-par? The internet is leaving me in the dust, I tell you. I just can't keep up.


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                        Just used that day, and the day after. Also and with the "from this month" limit.


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                          Taught creative writing class at Homeboy with @markdanielewski again today. Ex-gang members are better writers than real writers I know.
                          12:10 PM Apr 13th via web

                          SPIN's video wrapup


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                            I was at this but didn't catch the chat about future projects as I was busy choking back tears by the end.

                            Very beautiful and emotional evening it was...I'm sure I have some sort of recording, I must dig it out and check now.

                            And yes, I love Biffy Clyro and would probably not have known the wonderful Mr Danielewski otherwise.