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Typing down two Interviews on O.R.

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  • Typing down two Interviews on O.R.

    MZD makes very interesting remarks in interviews with Bat Secundo and Rick Kleffel
    I thought it'd be nice to type them down and add them to the interview thread.

    So here are the first version of this project : I typed most of what MZD says about O.R. in those two interviews. If someone listens to the Podcasts and reads the text along editing( filling the blank, or making corrections.) We'll have ourselves a translation, primary source and all.

    here are my notes if anyone feels like filling the blank

    Have a nice weekend's end.

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    MZD says that there is no precise description of H&S because you picture them in a blur
    a quantum haze. They're every race, every style.
    At another point he says that trying to visualize them you'd get a "fashion continuum".
    through trends and fashions...

    I think this photo-project gives that kind of blur...

    Sam and Hailey are somewhere in that page, and ... all over the page.
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      Quantum Haze, blurs of characters, gliding through time...

      Now here's another example of continuum of fashion :
      in this Advertisement for Levi's the couple about to make up is shifiting through time and fashions,
      as they remove layers after layers of cloths,

      Thru the 60s, 70s, 80s etc...

      Now if you ask me, that's very Sam and Hailey-like

      The first picture is very beginning of the century, while the last is quite modern
      and yet, we believe it's the same couple, in the same perpetual rush.

      They change their styles like snakes shaking off their new skin :
      ever young, ever born again, ever in love.

      And... oh, it's been made in 2007.
      But that doesn't mean anything, now does it ?


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        Norkhat, excellent points and the exactitudes/fashion continuum is really fun to think about.

        Those interview transcriptions you linked to are no longer around. Could you re-upload them, maybe as attachments to a post? I'm not sure how those things work.


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          Rick Kleffel Interviews MZD

          Norkat, the link to the transcription became unbound or completely twisted. Either way-- broke! What to do? What I did? I transcribed the enter, view myself. However, as a forum little, I'm restricted, disallowed to link an outside uuurrrrllll into here. To see my PDFfff, go to dl[dot]dropbox[dot]com/u/647308/MZDInterviewbyRK[dot]pdf.

          To all, let me know if there are any fatal errors. All will be remedied.

          And to all a good night.


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            damn, i could not dl your file either. the cloud is unstable today
            i re-uploaded my notes so here they are
            those two interviews are really full of substance, i really wish we could get'em up here.



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              The files are only about 10kb each. You could just post them as attachments (you'll have to change the format to pdf or txt though).


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                Let's see if a Rich Text Format would help.

                The Agony interview by Rick Kleffel::



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                  Is some file hosting needed? We can put files on, feel free to e-mail or PM us about it. I'll try to mirror these when I get home tonight, but if I forget, poke me.


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                    Well, Shale's transcription is just wonderful.
                    And a beautiful layout serves it right.

                    That's a very valuable ressource.

                    Bravo Shale !

                    Remains the Bat Secundo interview, which is awesome.
                    I'm overwhelmed with work or I'd try to put it in form : if anyone wants to use my notes, please feel free.