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  • Four Main Characters

    Just got the book the other day, something seems to stand out so far.

    Sam and Haily seem to be in a sense four characters.

    Sam, Hailey, The Speaker, The Other.

    At some points it seems clear that one character does something to the other.


    Page 9, both Sam and Hailey report that Hailey kicks Sam in the nose.

    However, at other times both characters report that they did one thing and that the other did something else.


    Page 8, both characters report that the other characters wonders if theyre stupid, and then that they laugh. It could not be both, so this is a speaker and other moment.

    Somewhat obvious, but the sort of four character dynamic in a two-character story made it seem worth mentioning.

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    Though this thread has gotten off topic, I think it would be a good place for you to post this Speaker/Other idea.

    However, the contradiction between Sam's telling and Hailey's have been discussed at length. I would recommend reading around some more, as we're trying to keep unnecessary threads to a minimum (as always, but especially in our somewhat new forum).

    Have fun!