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A list of Useful Threads for Those New to This Site

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  • A list of Useful Threads for Those New to This Site

    In the spirit of Stencil's immensely useful thread of threads over at the HoL forum, I've gathered up a list of (Strongly-)Recommended Reading for those new to this forum seeking information and commentary on MZD's 2nd novel.

    This is a hasty, haphazardly-arranged gathering, so it's very possible that I may have overlooked a thread you feel is Useful. If so, please nominate it for inclusion in a reply. I'll also be rearranging the categories and adding thumbnail descriptions of the threads' contents.

    UPDATE: I've added the threads ModiFIed recommends below, plus still another I'd overlooked. Still other threads are deserving of inclusion and I'll get to them in a day or two, but now I must go and earn a living.

    UPDATE II: I've rearranged the categories so as to more closely approximate the order in which various issues/questions might arise.

    UPDATE III: I've rearranged the categories (again) and added brief descriptions to accompany those threads whose contents aren't immediately evident from their titles.

    UPDATE IV (11/21/2010; 11/30/2010): A long-overdue update here. I've just added two threads; if anyone has further recommendations, please mention them in comments or PM me.

    UPDATE V (2/1/2011): I've added two threads and created a new category, "Characters."


    How are you reading Only Revolutions?

    Alternate methods of reading Only Revolutions.

    Tracing (or is it plotting?) OR's ARC
    In which some of the ARCers wonder just what our task is as early readers of and post-ers on the novel.

    As of this writing, a work-in-progress, but one worth looking at for those wanting synopses of (early) "chapters" of the novel.

    MZD Interviews
    "Interviews" here being a noun, not a verb.

    ". . . academic math . . . "
    MZD uses this phrase to describe the critical enterprise that, he says, OR exists beyond. What might he mean? Some of us get out our slide rules to work out a response.

    Speculation on the publication page and the epigraph "You were there."

    Reviewing the reviewers

    To help paint a picture of the story in my mind . . .
    Visual artist Codename:Odessa solicits suggestions for images the represent thematic elements in the novel.


    Differences in the ARC and the full release

    A Void
    A discussion of "writing constraints" in the novel.

    The Hidden Things

    Color Speculation
    Early (pre-ARC) speculation on the possible meanings of the colors.


    Mirror Writing on Inside Cover

    A discussion of "mirroring" in the narrative--and some important deviations from the narratives' parallelism.

    Offset Letters

    Just what are those things called, anyway? But. more important, what is/are their function(s) in the text?

    The book as object
    Some discussion of the idea that, with HoL and OR, MZD wants to force the reader to consider the book as a thing in and of itself and not as merely a passive delivery system for text, and why that might be.


    A charting of and search for correspondences and significance(s) among OR's many plants and animals.

    Books, Threading, Stapling and Inside/Inside; a few things Derrida said
    Is MZD really "so over" Derrida yet? Splendorr reads some passages from Positions, then himself takes a position via an intertextual reading of OR with HoL.

    A story of Symmetry / the Concor-dance


    The Perpetual Creep
    Discussion of The CREEP's function(s) in the narrative.



    The -lines in the history margin
    A (very) close look at the Gutter's references to the Kennedy assassination and its immediate aftermath.

    Revolution: WWI/Vietnam/CREEP
    A focus on the CREEP as symbolic of war, and a look at the corresponding moments in the Gutter.



    Leftwrist Twists
    What the heck are these about? Some of us make some guesses.

    Allso many "all" words
    Speculation on the significance of the "all" words in OR.

    Discussion of another oddly-spelled word.

    The Sex Thread

    The Names Thread

    Names in Capitals

    Revolution: WWI/Vietnam/CREEP

    Oh you've got green eyes . . .
    Discussion of the significance of eyes in the novel.

    Man vs. Nature

    "We are at once."
    The entirety of OR is in present tense! Did you notice that? What might that fact mean?

    Order and Chaos

    Hibernian Saffron
    A discussion of the function of honey (and, by extension, other excretions) as units of exchange.

    A Rose by any Other Name . . .
    Early speculation--pre-ARC, in fact--about the meaning of the title. Go and see how right/wrong we were!!

    Pathetic Fallacy

    The Mountain
    A discussion of the meaning of the Mountain which marks the "beginning" and "end" of the novel.

    Books, Threading, Stapling and Inside/Inside; a few things Derrida said


    OR as Old School (Modernism)
    A Modernist novel in the postmodern era? OR might in fact be that.

    Another OR as old school (vinyl)
    In which elmago and others play DJ for the idea that an alternate medium for OR would be 45rpm singles.

    Intertextuality--*spoilers* (probably)
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    Stick this one up, Nik, please !
    Great John, job B......oops ! Sorry. Great job, John B !


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      bravo! this was much needed.


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        Ah, very good. Was this partly inspired by my little tirade this morning?

        If (true) then
        anger = good
        if (false) then
        thanks anyway, John!

        I would vote to add Ramino's "Glitch" thread on the mirror effect "glitches" and your own "Tracing the ARC..." under the Reading heading, has some good stuff.

        I put a lot of work into my The Mountain thread too...kind of begins the Judeo-Christian symbology discussion...I like to think...but then I may be didn't get much feedback going...

        EDIT: sorry, I've been editing the hell out of this post.
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          I had just sent nik a PM asking for such a thread in the future, since I thought it was too early now.
          I was wrong.
          Muchas gracias, John. And sorry that I'm including this next bit in a post of appreciation of you.

          A note to the newbies/n00bs:
          There is a list of useful threads for a reason.
          Please use the search function at the top of the page, and/or read around before posting a new thread.
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            ::bowing in everyone's general direction:: I'm glad you indeed find this thread useful. The goal is to fine-tune the categories a bit and impose an order on the threads (as opposed to just throwing them in there any ol' whichway.

            Originally posted by modiFIed
            Ah, very good. Was this partly inspired by my little tirade this morning? !
            In part. I mean, we have, what, 5 pages worth of threads in this forum. It's not like 500 years of Shakespeare scholarship, y'know. There's much-less-viable justification for duplication in this forum than in (even) the HoL forum.

            But as I was going through the forum, I was struck not just by how much good work our members have done but also, alas, by how much of it I myself had forgotten. So, it turned into something of a penance, too.

            Anyway: I want it to serve as a starting point for all of us, not just new arrivals to these shores.
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              Ah, finally, someone with able hands holds the light.


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                  Originally posted by John B.

                  up the stairs.

                  Great job, John.


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                      Originally posted by nikhsub1

                      Thanks nik, hopefully this will help a little bit with keeping the thread count down. I have the feeling though that people's egos are going to get in the way. Which is kind of sad.


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                        Everyone loves the board till they kill it.


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                            Thanks John B. I told y'all we needed one.


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                              People appear to be making actual use of this thread--not merely clicking on it, but adding on to some of the threads listed here, as opposed to just adding threads onto the forum. So: Good. That's exactly what should happen

                              I don't want to be the sole arbiter of what constitutes a Useful Thread, so this post is just a reminder to readers to make suggestions of other/new threads for inclusion in the list. Post them below or PM a link to me, and I'll get 'em added.